The reason why the first impression is always considered as the key tool is because of the fact that people like what they see. If you wanted to run your business in a blue ocean where you already have competitors like sharks around the boat then you must take them every chance as a lifetime opportunity.  Your whole business depends upon a small logo that can make your image or break it also.

Poor business logo designcan sabotage your company’s image and your brand’s worth too. An estimate shows that many companies fail in the market due to their weak logo designing that causes a reason for their downfall.

A strong logo helps you reach your targeted audience’s heart. It is an easy way to depict your quality and gain their trust in a look. Remember, if your branding is not up to the mark or your logo is not attractive or catchy then people might not visit you ever. If things go odd for you then people might prefer your competitor over you. A logo is not a part of your marketing campaign but it is symbol of making people trust your product or services.

Let’s have a look to a few major facts that a logo should consist of;


You don’t have to go too crazy on the color palate while choosing a color for your logo design. The logo design you will choose will become the front cover of your company, for instance, your business cards, brochure, in-house magazine and etc. So if your logo has too many colors or you find it in a gradient shade, you must think of changing it. It is like the cover page of any magazine where the reader will dig in only when he’ll find the outlook interesting. It’s better to stay simple with what colors you choose.


It’s true that your audience connects them with your logo. It should carry some visual effects and great work that can make people relate to it. For example, if you say fried chicken, KFC comes in your mind in a straight shot, have you’ve ever thought why? Well, it is a leading brand that has been serving a variety of fried chicken from past many years.

Same goes with the other brands. They try to engage people with their though and mind capability so they can remember them. being very honest, in this busy world if you have a small business and you provide excellent service, people might forget your company‘s name but your brand quality will trigger their memory to instantly remind them with the memories they had with your product.


There are hundreds and thousands of brands made and destroyed in a day the reason why they are demolished is because of their common statements. While designing a logo you should always remember that you have to make new ways and look up for unique opportunities. Make it look attractive so that people associate your name with your product or service

Like other big brands, you won’t get a chance to build your name the second time. You’ll just have an opportunity to strike so make sure it’s worth investing a good amount. Look for the designs and patterns then make a new pattern with it. Don’t try to copy because I will ultimately drown your creativity.


Take a challenge to make it look unique. Your logo is not a design or pattern drawn to represent you but it is actually ‘you’. Your business logo reflects your image in public. It also communicates where people can connect it to their self, to feel comfortable to ask for.

For examp0le if you have 10 shops around the corner of your street but yours is the only one that makes people believe they’ll get what they expect.


It might sound strange to you but all the big brands that promise their audience to serve the best quality, they actually maintain it. So if you are new to the market, make sure your logo and are worth every penny. If your customer is relying on you on the first go then they might have been impressed from the way yo0u showcase yourself.


It’s important to take some professional logo help from a designer for your brand logo to get a neat and decent touch. For the small businesses that worry to spend a huge amount initially on the logo design might look up for several options to choose from. Look for the designer’s previous work, experience, and current skills. If the designer you’ve selected has some good experience then you can feel more confident relying on that person but it’s better to search for the quality until and unless you find something that your brand can relate to.

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