5 Best WhatsApp status Saver apps 100% Useful


In this article we mentioned 5 Best WhatsApp status Saver apps which helps you to save/download WhatsApp statuses to your gallery. As you know WhatsApp Status or Stories disappeare in 24 hours, this WhatsApp status Saver app helps you to download your desired WhatsApp status in your gallery.

We tested some apps and selected some Best WhatsApp status Saver apps for you and added in this article.

WhatsApp status Saver app list :

1. Status Saver :

WhatsApp status Saver app
Status saver

This app helps you to save your WhatsApp status, both photo and video status. This app supports 4 different app to download your WhatsApp status : Normal Statuses, G.B Statuses, Business Statuses, Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Pro!


App Screens :

WhatsApp status saver app

Features :

☑ Multi Save, Delete, Repost / Share, Delete,
☑ Easy Repost status even without Saving,
☑ Easy & Fast Saving
☑ Built in Image Viewer & Video Player
☑ Night mode support
☑ Multiple themes



How to Use?

1 – First check the Desired Status/Story…
2 – Open Status Saver app, Click on any Image or Video to View…
3 – Click on Save Button, your status downloaded in your gallery


1 – Check the Desired Status/Story…
2 – Hold on a Status to Enable Multi Selection,
3 – Select “Save” from the Toolbar Menu! ; Your status successfully downloaded & saved in your gallery.
Download this app : Download

2. Status Saver – Image and Video :

WhatsApp status Saver app
Status saver – image and video

This is another WhatsApp status Saver app; you can save both video and image WhatsApp status. This app also supports 5 different apps to download WhatsApp status : Normal WhatsApp status, G.B Statuses, Business Statuses, Statuses from Parallel Space, Statuses from Parallel Space Lite.


App Screens :

WhatsApp status saver app

Features :

☑ Save both video and image status
☑ Supports 5 different apps to download status
☑ Built in video player and image viewer
☑ Easy to share and repost status


How it works?

First Watch Desired Status/Story from WhatsApp
Come Back to Status Saver app then Click on any image or video to view
The Image Or Video status is Instantly saved to your gallery
Download this app : Download


3. Status Saver – Whats status video download app

WhatsApp status Saver app

The app on of the WhatsApp status Saver app, you can download both video and photo status from WhatsApp. This app also supports Whats direct chat and built in video player and image viewer.



App Screens :

WhatsApp status saver

Features :

☑ Multi Save, Delete & Reshare to external apps
☑ Easy downloading & fastsave
☑ In Built Image Viewer and Video Player
☑ Whats Direct Chat



How to Use ?

  1. First check the desired Status/Story from WhatsApp
  2. Open this Status Saver App, Click on any video or image to view
  3. Select one or multiple & click the Save Button

Now enables user’s to upload / download content from the app network.

The multiple selection will be enabled once you long press any video/image. You can save status, delete status or cancel selection.
Download this app : Download

4. Story Saver for Whatsapp :

WhatsApp status Saver appIt’s another app to save your WhatsApp video and image status or stories directly on your gallery. You can save Multiple status at once and repost it.


App Screens :

WhatsApp Status Saver app

Features :

☑ Save single or multiple status
☑ Share, Delete or Repost
☑ In Built Video Player and Image Viewer
☑ Simple and easy to use User interface


How to Use?

  • First Check Whatsapp Status
  • Come Back to Story Saver for Whatsapp app
  • Click on Recent Story Button.
  • You Can Find Whatsapp Status/ Story in Recent Story tab
  • For image Click Click on Image Tab and For Video Click On Video Tab
  • click any image or video to see or multiple save by long press

Download this app : Download

5. StatusPro – Status Saver for Whatsapp

WhatsApp status Saver app

This is one of the best status saver app for Whatsapp status with Simple and Clean user interface.

You can download, share or repost status with this app. This app has built in image viewer and video downloader.


App Screens :

WhatsApp status saver app

Features :

☑ Simple and Clean User interface
☑ In-built video player and image viewer
☑ Share or repost status videos



How to Use?

  1. First open WhatsApp, go to Status and view as many of them as you like
  2. Then open StatusPro app which will show you all the statuses that you viewed
  3. Then click the Download button on the statuses that you wish to save. This will add it to the status saver app for WhatsApp for free.
  4. To repost or share a status, click on the status image and click Repost 🔁 or Share icon
  5. To view saved status videos and photos, open the Saved page in Whats Status Downloader.
  6. The saved photos and videos will be available in your Photos/Gallery app in StatusProSaved folder

Download this app : Download


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