Ten Best Instagram Video (And Reels) Downloader Apps

10 Best Instagram Video (And Reels) Downloader Apps

Ever come across an Instagram video that you absolutely had to save for future reference?

You could just save the video on Instagram itself, though that would mean you would lose the video if the account deleted it.

If you’re looking for a way to store Instagram videos on your device permanently, this article is the place for you.

Below, we’ll go over the different Instagram video download methods, the best apps to save Instagram videos on your device, and answer some frequently asked questions about the topic of saving media off of Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three methods to download Instagram videos: manually, via a website, or via an application.
  • Some good websites include InFlact, InstaDownloader, Save Insta, and InstaOffline.
  • Our pick for best Instagram downloader is Quick Save – Video Downloader.
  • While it is legal to download public media from Instagram, one must be careful not to violate copyright and intellectual property.
  • Instagram Reels can also be easily downloaded, as well as Stories.
  • It is possible to download media from other social media platforms as well.

The Three Methods To Download Instagram Videos


One of the easiest ways of storing videos from Instagram is by screen-recording them.

Most phones come built-in with a screen-record function, which you’ll need to add to your quick access tab for the best results.

Most modern Android and iOS phones have this feature easily accessible.

However, if your phone is from an older generation before screen-record support was added, you’ll have to use the other methods in this article.

This method’s principal advantage is that you do not need any external software, though the hassle of cropping the video appropriately can be a little tedious.


The second method of downloading an Instagram video is by using a video downloader website.

To do this, you’ll have to copy the pertinent post’s link. Click on the three dots that accompany videos and Reels on Instagram, where you’ll find an option to copy the link for this post. Next, paste it into a video downloader website.

Here’s a list of good options:

  1. InstaDownloader
  2. Save Insta
  3. InstaOffline

Given their propensity towards pop-up ads, it is best to exercise caution when accessing such websites. Despite the downsides, the convenience of video downloader websites earns them a shout-out in our article.


If you’re going to download Instagram videos pretty frequently, an application on your phone is probably the easiest way to do it. Not only is it more convenient, but applications usually offer lateral services that make the end product a bit cleaner. As such, we’ve prepared a list of the ten best Instagram video downloader apps on the market.

The 10 Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps

Below is a list of the 10 best applications for downloading Instagram videos. You can find a table with a download link for all the applications at the top of the list! Our best pick is bolded, so you can quickly download our top choice! Note that the list below is not in order of quality or preference.

Application Play Store/Website link
Video downloader for Instagram Download
InstaSaver: Video Downloader Download
Repost for IG Download
Quick Save – Video Downloader Download
Video Downloader: FastSave Download
4K Stogram Download
VideoHunter Download
Video Downloader for Instagram (InstaSaver) Download
InFlact Download
Qoob Download

The full list:

10. Video downloader for Instagram

Video downloader for Instagram

A super simple, lightweight application that lets you download Instagram videos with little effort. Simply paste the post’s URL into the prompt, and it will automatically be saved into your Gallery. Furthermore, this application also allows for batch-download support, setting it apart from other video downloader apps on this list.

However, the User Interface can be kinda clunky, and the application offers in-app purchases. Despite its flaws, it is still one of the better Instagram downloader apps out there.

9. InstaSaver: Video Downloader

InstaSaver: Video Downloader

Much like the other Instagram downloader apps on this list, InstaSaver works by having you paste the URL of the post you wish to download into the application. It saves the pertinent Instagram video, Reel, or photo straight to your Gallery. Given its no-nonsense approach to the entire thing, InstaSaver is one of the best Instagram downloader applications out there.

Like other free applications, InstaSaver features ads and in-app purchases, so one should keep that in mind.

8. Repost for IG

Repost for IG

Repost for IG works slightly differently than most other Instagram downloader apps by virtue of the fact that you can directly send the desired media to the application from Instagram. Refer to the images above for guidance on how to do so.

Sharing the post you wish to download with Repost for IG will give you various options, which includes reposting that piece of media to your account! It also works like a regular video downloader by allowing you to download the media you shared with it. This removes the hassle of having to copy a post’s URL, and pasting it in the application. In essence, Repost for IG makes video downloads easier.

However, the application does come with in-app purchases and ads, not to mention the fact that it has access to your social media account data if you wish to use the Repost feature. Still, the value it provides as a video downloader is top-notch.

7. Quick Save – Video Downloader

Quick Save - Video Downloader

Quick Save is very similar to other Instagram downloaders on this list, though it distinguishes itself from the others by including two lateral features.
Firstly, it has a quick-save mode, allowing you to access an account’s entire media library to choose what you want to download.
Secondly, it let’s you do some cool stuff on your own Instagram, like posting those grid photos where each post is a part of the whole image.

The User Interface is pretty good, especially with the darker theme that goes easy on the eyes. Much like other free Instagram downloaders, this app has in-app purchases and ads. Still, Quick Save is a decent option for Instagram video downloaders.

6. Video Downloader: FastSave

Video Downloader FastSave

FastSave is an excellent application that has many of the same features as other Instagram downloader apps on this list, though it does them with slightly more finesse. It offers the same functionality that allows both a post’s link to download videos and a direct sharing option.
Furthermore, it also has a built-in video player you can use to view your downloaded video before you decide to do so.

The color scheme is slightly jarring, but the User Interface is very good. Plus, they have a guide on how to use their application in the app itself! As a result, FastSave is an excellent video downloader that you should consider using.

5. 4K Stogram

Probably the most feature-packed video downloader on this list, 4K Stogram is a cut above the rest. It offers a plethora of services, including the standard Instagram downloader stuff you are now familiar with. The additional services it offers include batch downloads, the ability to back up your Instagram account, download posts via hashtag, and a whole host of other cool stuff.

However, the main downside of 4K Stogram is that some of its features are paywalled, and its free plan limits the number of downloads. Despite these issues, even the free plan is one of the best video downloaders on the market right now.

In general, 4K Stogram is the best Instagram downloader if your needs are commercial, but it may not be the best choice for personal use.

4. VideoHunter

VideoHunter, similar to 4K Stogram, is a featureful video downloader that offers bulk download support, the ability to download from a variety of websites (Instagram included), and a slick design. You can even use VideoHunter to download videos from YouTube, which means it is not just an Instagram downloader.

However, the free version of VideoHunter limits your downloads to only three per day. So if your downloading needs are vast, consider either buying a premium subscription or exploring other options on this list.

3. Video Downloader for Instagram (InstaSaver)

Video Downloader for Instagram (InstaSaver)

This entry should not be confused with a previous entry that had the exact same name. They’re different applications, believe it or not. This app is also known as InstaSaver, so we’ll refer to it accordingly.

While it may not be the same application as its namesake, it has mostly the same features and functionality. However, the User Interface is far clunkier than its counterpart’s UI, so you should keep that in mind. Still, InstaSaver earns a spot on this list by virtue of its utility as an Instagram downloader app and is a decent, free choice.

2. InFlact

Though technically not an app, InFlact offers excellent support for batch downloading and high-quality video downloads. Furthermore, InFlact offers support across multiple social media platforms, meaning it is not exclusively an Instagram downloader. The website is incredibly simple to use, and the services it offers warrant its place on this list.

1. Qoob

In the same vein as our previous entry, Qoob is another website that has top-notch support for batch downloading and Instagram downloads.

Qoob even lets you download media off of TikTok!

Our Best Pick

Given our concern with frugality, our best pick is Quick Save – Video Downloader. It has all the functionalities you want from an Instagram video downloader and offers some good lateral services that add value to the application. Furthermore, its design is well-crafted, making it easy to use and very user-friendly.

We must give VideoHunter an honorable mention due to the plethora of services they offer, but their pricing plans conflict with our concerns about affordability. Still, we maintain that VideoHunter and 4K Stogram are the best options for Instagram video downloaders if your concerns are commercial-scale.

How To Download Instagram Reels

You can download Instagram Reels the same way you download any piece of media from these applications. In general, most Instagram downloader apps offer Reels support, though some may not. Our best pick has Reels support.

However, if you’re fixing for a stand-alone solution, you can head over to InFlact, where you can download pretty much anything from Instagram.

That’s right, everything from Reels to Photos, there is nothing InFlact cannot access.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it legal to download media off of Instagram?

If the media you are downloading is for public use, then yes. However, most public media is still copyright-protected, so trying to pass that off as your own content may invite legal trouble. Furthermore, private videos and photos are not accessible in most cases by the Instagram downloaders mentioned in our list and you should not be downloading private media anyways.

Can I download videos from other social media platforms?

Though this depends on your website or application, the answer is yes. Specifically, InFlact allows you to download media from a wide variety of platforms.

Can I download Instagram photos?

Yes. Our best pick and many other Instagram downloaders allow Instagram photos to be downloaded. Furthermore, Instagram photos can easily be saved to your phone manually via a screenshot. Just crop the saved Instagram photo appropriately to remove the edges.


We hope this guide has been helpful and that you are now easily downloading and sharing media across various platforms. Remember to respect intellectual property rights and to always ask for permission when downloading private media.

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