Top 5 Scrum Boards You Should Be Using


What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile project management framework; in simpler words, a methodology used for project development. It works based on a set of principles, as well as values that guide decision-making that facilitates developing a high quality of projects.

Project managers and teams often have to juggle between different projects and deliver the highest quality. The 12th Annual State of Agile report stated that nearly 70% of software teams reported using Scrum for their projects. Most leadership teams are also now working at combining their agile project management practices with the Scrum framework or methodology.

What is Scrum Project Management?

Agile product management with Scrum is a lightweight process framework. It helps organizations in delivering high-quality projects more frequently. Product delivery works well through sprints. The team completes assigned tasks in a given timeframe, on a priority basis. This methodology is widely accepted and proven to achieve agility, due to the reason that with a few sprints, project managers and their teams can complete enough number of tasks before deadlines.

Scrum project management aims at prioritizing tasks that have the highest importance while breaking them down in a manageable manner, which ensures that work is done effectively and efficiently in a given timeframe. Moreover, it builds collaboration and communication between teams and clients, increasing the value of the business.

Top 5 Scrum Boards You Should Be Using 1

What is a Scrum Board?

A Scrum Board is either a physical board or a virtual board that consists of different columns. These columns track the status of completion related to each project or task under a sprint. A “sprint is a project that lasts a month or less and can be of help in the reduction of a project backlog, thereby encouraging teams to work more collaboratively and better ahead. A Scrum Board follows the Scrum methodology that aims at addressing complexities in a project and delivering products with the highest value and quality. It improves the work environment and techniques.

Here are some benefits of a Scrum Board.

  1. Increases collaboration between team members.
  2. It improves interaction.
  3. You can constantly visualize the project progress.
  4. It enhances the commitment of team members towards specific tasks.
  5. It reduces wastage of time.

Top 5 Scrum Boards You Should Be Using 2

Categories of a Scrum Board

The Scrum Board typically is updated daily and consists of columns divided into the following categories:

1. To-Do

This category contains tasks that are yet to be undertaken by the team members. Tasks and their expected deadlines are displayed.

2. Doing

The ‘doing’ category consists of tasks that are currently in progress and need to be completed in a specific duration to meet deadlines. These ongoing tasks are expected to be completed in the current sprint.

3. Done

It deals with the tasks that have been completed. The members move the task notification to this category once they are finished with its development. It helps in informing other members that the particular task has been completed and checked for errors and glitches. However, in case of errors have not been identified and rectified, another label can be added for testing.

Some organizations and businesses prefer having more detailed columns such as testing, requirements, feedback, completed tasks, the result, and others, to name a few. The final part of a Scrum Board may also record sprint backlogs and product backlogs. However, all tasks are first written down in the To-Do column and then moved to the next category. It helps in keeping the team motivated and focused on the tasks at hand.

The Top Scrum Board/Tools and their benefits


Wastage of time and money is prevented: PlanStreet enables the users to apply Predictive Scheduling. PlanStreet provides automatic updates to the various Project Plans planned for the development process. Team members are prevented from wasting development time. The time wastage might have happened in case of redundant actions done due to being ignorant of the development progress.

Team Collaboration is made more Agile: PlanStreet enables you to have smoother transactions amongst the on-site and remote teams. Daily updates of Scrum are linked to the Real-time management of tasks so that the teams are constantly aware of the development progress made by their team members.

High Adaptability: PlanStreet provides a tool that can evolve and adapt to every change made to the project plans devised by the development team. The expansion and evolution done to the original project are automatically reflected with changes made in the tool’s processes.

The single product solves all problems: The different tasks of the project often require the team to utilize many different tools to help with their development process. When using PlanStreet, this can be avoided because the single product provided by PlanStreet contains all the tools required for project monitoring and development.

Real-time Updation: The project management Process is supplemented with Real-Time Reports while using Calendar Scheduling and Time-tracking is available for additional improvement to the development process.

Adaptation and Collaboration allows collaboration with third-party software and adapt to them to better help with your development process. Paid versions of the tool allow for a smoother project development process while collaborating with third-party software.


Testing System: JIRA enables Agile Testing System along with the Project Management system. Testing reports are provided alongside the development process for the benefit of the users.

All-Purpose Tool: JIRA also allows the users to record and report alongside the development process. It is integrated with the code development environment. It gives critical insights into the agile project development process to make the project development more swift and efficient.


Good Adaptability: Trello was mainly developed for the Kanban Board tool. However, Trello can also be configured for the Scrum Board form. The development process has to be done from the beginning of the tasks for the Scrum Board.

Specialized Process: When using Trello, tasks can be broken down into granular stages. It contains features like checklists and labels that make the development process easier to understand and detailed. It also allows enabling Agile Powerups such as an agile planning technique (included in the paid versions).


Backlog Settings: In Zoho, the feedback is planned and incorporated to adapt to changes made in the agile project management process. Previous Sprints can be linked to the next one using the feedback system. The product development process is supervised using the backlog system.

Report Management: For a faster development process, raw data can be turned into action worthy insights. It helps to improve team cooperation with each sprint. Agile reports can be used for evaluation of the project, and the reports can also be used to improve Sprint performance.

Customization: Every project can have a customized form of its own by using Zoho tools. Customized fields can be used to give context and depth, depending on each project.

Leave no room for doubt: Zoho allows you to build specific layouts to make sure your work items are as detailed as possible.

Scrum boards are perfect for project managers and teams that aim at delivering the highest quality and add value to the business. They give a visual representation of the tasks that are to be done, ongoing, and completed in a sprint.

A Scrum Board gives all the team members a clear picture of how far the current sprint is progressing and takes any measures to make it better. Transparency plays a great role in the growth of a business, and this is exactly what daily updating of an agile Scrum Board helps with. Moreover, it holds team members accountable and encourages improvement in the workplace, environment, and agility.

However, before you pick the software that you want to go ahead with, ensure that it meets the requirements of your project. This will heighten the chances of choosing the right one for your business and team. It will also enable you to effectively handle projects, improve profit margins, and deliver great results.

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