Pay Per Click (PPC) & How Paid Search Marketing Works


Pay Per Click / PPC :

Pay Per Click or PPC is a very interesting marketing model that lets people place ads on an online platform and when those ads are clicked upon by organic users the host of the platform gets paid a certain amount. The main purpose of these ads is to route the person viewing the ad to the seller’s website; so that the person can perform a financial transaction which can benefit both the seller and the host of the ad platform. Search engines are one of the best and most effective platforms for marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid search
Over the years with the advent of online stores, search engine marketing has gained a lot of popularity. One unique property of search engines is that they show ads based on the search history of the users. There are some very popular online advertising services that work on RTB or real time bidding concept. Google Ads and Bing Ads are two of the most common and popular online advertising services that work on the concept of real time bidding.
In real time bidding advertising inventory is bought and sold on an individual impression basis. The whole process happens instantaneously which is why it is called real time bidding.

How Does Paid Search Actually Work?

Whenever there is a spot for an online ad on the Search engine results page an auction takes place in real time. This auction is based on the searched keyword. Factors like the quality of ad and the bid amount decide who will take the top place on the search engine results page.Pay Per Click or PPC and Paid searchThe process is quite simple to understand. When anyone searches for anything on a search engine the process of auction starts. The keyword of the search is the most important factor in the auction. If there are any advertisers that are interested in showing their respective keyword related ads on the user query then bid for the ad takes place in real time and the ad that wins on the basis of quality and bid amount appear on the SERP or search engine result page. If you want to optimize your online advertising efforts then it is ideal to hire professionals from an SEO agency that can help you with the entire process.

All the online advertisement platforms let you create an account on their platform, these accounts are split into campaigns and those campaigns are further split into ad groups. These ad groups contain keywords and relevant ads.

Keywords :

Keyword, PPC or Pay Per Click and Paid search
Keywords are the most important in Paid search. They are the stigma that initiates the whole auction process of search engine marketing.

Keywords are not similar to queries. Marketers don’t base their advertising on queries rather they base it on keywords. Queries are the actual words that a user puts in the search engine bar while keywords are the important words that may highlight the full essence of the query.

Marketers can also allow variations to keywords instead of just sticking to the keyword itself. This can help them improve their advertising as allowing variations can sometimes get you more efficient results.

Negative keywords are also a possibility. Negative keywords are also very significant to the whole process of online trafficking. These keywords can stop an auction from starting so that irrelevant traffic is not generated towards a specific site.

Ads :

Ads are also as important as keywords. Your ads should be attractive so that if you win the auction and your ad appears on the site then the user must get tempted to follow the link to your website and eventually make a purchase.

PPC, ads and Paid search
Ads usually contain three things a headline, and an attractive description. The more experience marketers use more than one ad copy of a similar ad on different sites to see which ad copy works best for them. Ad extensions like Call Extensions and SiteLink extensions can also help to improve the appearance and visibility of your ads.

Investment on Bids :


Investment on bids and Paid search
Your budget plays a crucial role in your success in the bidding process. Budget is decided at the campaign phase and can never exceed on a monthly basis however it can still exceed on a daily basis. Bids placed at the keyword level offer a more efficient way of controlling the budget.

Ads Ranking :

Online marketing is not as simple to implement as it is easy to understand. You might not be the highest bidder but your ad might still show up on the top of SERP.

Ads ranking and paid search
There are several factors other than finances that are involved in the ranking of the ads. Your bid amount, ad quality, ad relevance and context of the user’s search are some of the other factors that come into play to determine the ranking of your ad.
It is important for marketers to perform their best in all these areas if they want their ad to show on the most valuable spot on the SERP.

Targeting the Users :


PPC and paid search
We have previously talked about the importance of keywords in the whole online advertising process however there are certain other options that can help marketers improve their bids and advertising strategies. These options are User’s device, user’s location, time of the day and the user’s demographics. This can help marketers design a better marketing strategy in order to improve the performance of their advertisements.

These things are very valuable in giving marketers more control over the organic traffic that is generated towards their sites.


Conversion From Clickers to Purchasers :

The main focus of any type of advertising is to get the product out there. It highlights our presence in the market.

The term ‘conversions’ in the online marketing industry means to achieve the actions that you want from the users after they have clicked on your ad. Mostly it is the purchase of their product.

Conversion from clickers
However, some advertisers might be looking for other types of conversions like signing up for a magazine or newsletter. Conversion tracking is also mandatory for advertisers. Once you have placed an ad, it is crucial that you check the success and effectiveness of that ad on a regular basis.

An efficient way to track conversions is to use tools that are designed for the said purpose. Google Ads and Google analytics can help you gather data about your conversions which can eventually help you in deciding which of your ads work best online.


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