Top 10 Photo Size Reducer Apps for Android 2023

Photo Sizer Reducer Apps for Android

Several applications and social media platforms put certain limits on uploadable file sizes. Most notably, you’ll see that in Discord it’s 8 MB, with Twitter it’s 5 MB, and for Facebook it’s 60 MB. More often than not, when you upload pictures directly to your social media, they will fall within the defined limitations. However, sometimes, due to conditions beyond your control, the size of the file may increase to a higher number.

Employees in the social media business will have to tip-toe around these issues a lot, and we have solutions that can instantly cater to your requirements. With applications all about, we’ve gone ahead and picked the top 10 photo size reducer apps for Android in 2022. With these installed on your phone, you’ll be able to work from your mobile without worrying about opening up Adobe on your PC.

Key Takeaways

  • Reducing your photo size is very important when uploading files to social media.
  • File compression to a large extent leads to your image quality being retained with no real differences.
  • Third-party applications tend to do a great job at applying photo compression algorithms that reduce image file sizes from high-end phones.
  • Having compressed images is a big advantage especially if you have slow internet and wish to upload those photos.

10 Best Images Compressor Apps for Android

1. Pixlr

Pixlr photo size reducer interface

The best thing about Pixlr? It’s not just good for reducing image sizes, but you can resize the dimensions of your image and put in some cool effects to make it more appealing for a user experience. It’s free to use, with paid features in place, and one of the best photo compressor apps in this list.

You can download this photo size reducer app on your phone, and you’ll also be able to use your account to do so on your desktop on their website! Their entire UI on both a desktop and android is very user-friendly, and you’ll be able to pick up on what you need to do almost instantly. That’s why they’re at the top of this list!

2. LitPhoto

Litphoto photo size redurcer

Lit Photo is a bit more special purpose compared to Pixlr. If your sole job with pictures is simply to resize them, crop them or compress them for sending messages and uploading pre-made designs, then there’s no better picture compressor app than this!

It throws no excessive information at you and gives you three options to choose from making it one of our better-recommended options to you when it comes to choosing the best photo compressor app.

Compress Photos

Through this option, you can choose to what percentage you’d like to reduce the quality of the photo. The higher the percentage, the lower the compression will be. You can see at which point the quality drops significantly and adjust the slider accordingly.

Resize Photos

The Resize Photos option will allow you to alter the dimensions of your photo. To avoid blurry and excessively sharp photos, you will have to tweak the pixel count and maintain the aspect ratio. Through here, you’ll also be able to compress the file if you’d like as well. As we said, it’s very easy to use!

Crop Photo

This option does just about what you think it does and can be used to crop unwanted parts of an image out. Simply drag the frame to your requirement, and any part left out of the frame will be cut out.

3. Photo Compress 2.0

Compressor reducer interface

Photo Compress 2.0 is another photo size reducer exclusive to Android. It’s one of the better software for reducing image sizes without compromising the overall quality. Compared to the previous applications, Photo Compress 2.0 offers you the features to cut and group edit images (a total of 10 images at a time).

You won’t face any annoying advertisements while trying to edit images however there is a limit to how many images you can edit and convert in the free version. Besides that, it’s free, and you can efficiently edit images in a batch without having to go through them individually in this app to compress photos.

4. Cram

Cram compressor app for android interface

What’s Cram? Like every other application with a unique feature to set them apart in this list, Cram is a photo compressor app that can help you save a lot of storage space on your phone by compressing old and new photos.

How does this specific application work? With Cram installed, you can compress all of the images in your library in one go. You can even set it to auto-compress so that whenever you take a new picture with your phone, it’s compressed to your desired settings and stored away in your gallery without taking up too much space.

5. InShot

Inshot photo sizes reducer interface

If you’ve been looking for photo compressor apps, you’ve probably heard of InShot. It’s one of the more well-known app to reduce photo size, but it’s a lot more than that. InShot offers you a wide variety of features to even edit your photos thoroughly. You can resize, crop or compress your images as you like.

Feel free to edit collages in pre-made templates and even do a bit of video editing (it’s exceptionally good as a video editing tool, considering it’s a mobile application). Add text to your videos, compress it when you’re done, and much more!

6. PicTools

Pictools app

PicTools is yet another special-purpose software that will allow you to crop, resize, compress and convert formats for your images. Moreover, you can compress your photos in a batch and go as low as KB in terms of size for your pictures. It’s a great picture management tool with PDF support as well.

7. QReduce Lite

Qreduce app

When it comes to rigorous compression, QReduce Lite is the way to go if you want an app to reduce image size in KB. Why do we say that? Well, most of the other applications in this list are considerate about the quality of your image and thus will try to conserve it as much as possible.

If quality is something that you’re not concerned about, then you can use QReduce Lite as an app to reduce photo size. Keep in mind that the lower file size you go for, the more you lose.

8. pCrop

pcorp reducer app

pCrop isn’t precisely one of the more famous image size reducer app, considering other options offer far more features and ease of access, but it’s still a good option when it comes to choosing a compress image app. The app allows you to perform bulk operations with image compression, resize and more.

9. Bulk Image Compressor

bulk image compressor app for android

As the name suggests, this app to compress photos will allow you to tone down the file sizes in batches as well as individually. You can reduce the file size by 90% if you’d like. However, its compression technique results in a minimal loss in the quality of your images.

10. Photoczip

Photczip image reducer app
Photoczip is for compressing and resizing your JPG and PNG photos. It’s as simplified as an application, and you can get right to work after downloading it. As an added bonus, you can use the app to edit the image’s metadata, preview any compressed images, tinker with different sizes, and even archive all your photos into a zip file.

Choose Your Image Reducer App for Your Needs

Depending on how extensive you’d like your application’s utility to be, you can pick from anything between Pixlr to PicTools. With Pixlr, you’re essentially getting a package deal that allows you to not only compress your image, but also edit them if you need to do so.

However, with applications similar to PicTools in the list, you get access to resizing, cropping, and compression. The application is easier to navigate and caters to a more specific audience. If you’re looking to do only those three things with your work or personal images, then there’s nothing better than PicTools and/or LitPhoto.


Looks like you’ve discovered quite many options for compression. Moreover, there are other applications in this list that can also satisfy your needs for in-depth editing of images. If you need to write text over a photo before publishing it on Instagram, then Pixlr has got you covered. Do you need to deal with batches of photos without having to focus and cater to individual images, then use Photoczip.
Most of these applications will offer their basic features for free, and some of them will require that you pay a certain amount before you can gain access to the entire deal. Considering how easy they’ll make your life as an employee, we’d say it’s worth it to convince your employee to spend a few extra bucks!

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How do I reduce the KB size of a photo?

If you’d like to reduce a photo to Kilobytes from Megabytes, then you can use a compression tool online or an application on your mobile. Keep in mind that file size reduction to KB will usually result in a significant loss in quality.

How do you lower the MB on a picture?

Most compression tools will be easily able to lower a file size according to your needs. All you need to do is upload a file to the downloaded application (one from the list above), or to their website and click on ‘Convert’. The end product will be a compressed image with minimal reduction in quality.

How do I change a picture to a smaller size?

If you’d like to resize images, then tools like Pixlr, InShot, and LitPhoto will allow you to alter the dimensions of your designs. Most editing tools will come with a basic resizing feature for free. So, even if you downloaded an app purely for compression, you can most probably use it to resize your images.

How do I convert a JPEG to low KB?

The JPEG format, along with PNG can be easily compressed by all of the tools listed above. Simply download the application to your Android and upload your image(s) to lower their size to KB. Applications that are good for this purpose are QReduce Lite, Photoczip, and Cram.

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