Ten HR Trends in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is been on the lips of others. CEO’s are trying to inject this new technology trend in most of the business structure. Organization is leaning on the functions of AI in other departments and structure. With that been said, the trend shows the next generation will see advancement in Human Resource Management and smart recruitment and selection drives to improve the human analytics in a different way. It has been said in the survey of IBM that most people likely to address the importance of AI in the workplace and will have a competitive edge if added. The other 42% do not find HR to implement AI in their department. As AI has turn over many human task however, this can help in assessing HR related data, computing large amount of applicants, conduct interviews and reduce most of the administration work easily. Just imagine your most of the work done by AI robot. The context of AI into HR will drive into many advantages and new trends will create new roads for upcoming human analytics.HR trends in the age of artificial intelligence

[h]1. Recruitment and selection can be easier now[/h]

As a HR manger you believe the traditional way of recruiting and selecting the right candidate for the job is to conduct interview, screen CVs, and making hiring decisions that all. However, this all process need time, energy and strong skills and accurate assumptions. That is impossible! You cannot judge a human from other human as people tent to make mistakes. AI is marking its way to HR desk. Most people believe it is taking the lad of humans but that not true. Adding AI for recruitment drive will enable your work done more perfectly. For instance, you got into a company’s website searching for job you find a person engaging with you through the process this AI assistant. Mya a AI recruiter. Source applicants, screen the CVs, monitoring the actions of candidates and scheduling for interviews. The start-up company interviewed have added this technology for recruitment and selection process. The algorithm is assessing new hiring techniques which enable half of the work done by AI recruiter but human finalised the last call.

[h]2. Dive applicant in the pool of personalised experience[/h]

You undergo with whole process of recruitment and selection and then get into the work place. The first day in the work place is hectic. Don’t know what to do. Where should I begin with? I don’t know anyone, where should I get all the information of name, contact and info of people working with you. An AI programmer will assess you in connecting with others, addressing info to speed fast. For instance IBM is introducing a system of customised experience in which new employee will have a webpage full of information guidelines of business conduct and business model. This program enables to collect personal information, update relevant report entry; it gives information about approval request and provides items for approval and list of leaves to accept through such system.

[h]3. AI prevent to overcome all sorts of biasness[/h]

When hiring a new candidate in your work environment most HR executives make personal choices to select a candidate of their preferences. While recruiting and selecting the candidate you might make choices according to gender biasness, related personality, or similarity between culture and creed. The study of HRPA shows AI can reduce the number of bias 16% as HR making decision. With the help of AI technology most of the biased decision could be controlled, from the selection of an individual on the basis of his/her talent, ability and can invite diverse pool of candidates.

[h]4. Robots assessing Repetitive task to enhance performance[/h]

Repetitive task and low values work are very much boring and need some mentorship to complete them immediately. Most of the HR work like assessing the new candidates, aligning their seats, providing laptops etc. this consume lots of energy and precious time. The strategic decisions, value added roles are kept a side due to other forms of repetitive task. Now it’s not a problem anymore, AI will accommodate all sorts of work such as benefit management, answer queries, request for leaves and vacations. This makes the HR team free from all sorts of compress time consuming task and indulges in creative and strategic work done for the succession of the organisation.

[h]5. Digitalised training system for learning and development[/h]

Learning and development will be in a whole new level of digitalised program. L&D helps in training the candidate according to the skills required for the company. Training shows which candidate is suitable for the job and assess his/her talent through learning digitalised concepts. The AI and AR solution tend to help employees learn different task through gamification. Companies encourage employees with giving them incentives, points and awards all this with AI technology.

[h]6. Data automation-integrating payroll management error free[/h]

AI technology tends to atomised the payroll management quickly. This technology will gather data, tax deductions, and basic calculations. This system will make no errors, completely digitalised management. The cloud based services will have a proper global platform with locally process here.

[h]7. AI will not invade HR jobs however, create new jobs[/h]

AI being used in HR department doesn’t mean they will conquer the whole department. The AI will atomise digitalised experience for better work done. Many companies are initiating AI in HR such as Hilton. The company has equipped the AI tech into its organisation. The vice president of Hilton has proven the importance of AI in their company an show it help them in increasing revenue and help them in diversifying their pool of talented candidates. In an interview she addresses the benefits AI has brought in her company and says: By using artificial intelligence to source, screen and interview candidates, we have increased our speed to hire by 85%. This shows the AI will not only help in recruiting the good candidate but also speed up the slow work quickly as possible.

[h]8. To select right candidate for the right job[/h]

In a traditional selection process the pool of candidates are chosen through degree, college names and grading but now things have changed you need to open up your ears, mouth and eyes for selecting a right candidate. Now technology advancement detects voices, pitch, and talent of the candidate before selecting. The AI assistant incorporate abilities would not take mere decision according to the personalised preferences but make sure each and every candidate will is suitable for the job or not.

[h]9. Track down employees actions and performance[/h]

AI is potential enough to track down employees activities. It enables employees to track the computer activity, emails, browsing of internet and actions whether the employees is doing its work or not. this AI system is quite alarming for employees as it check the outliers, report them to the HR department and also determine the tone, voice detector to check whether the employees are thinking to leave the company or not. The best assignment help UK track down the performance of the writers whether they have written in an informative way or not.

[h]10. Understanding AI in the work force for organisational future[/h]

Before implementing a new technology trend the first thing you as manager need to address the problems of the employees. Check on what they are saying, what difficulties they are facing. As AI has invaded our life in many terms it has shifted towards workplace creating exceptional experiences. The leaders need to aware of what benefit it would create for the organisation to the employees. The AI will solve most of the business issue and handle data management, collecting data thanks to AI. The assignment writing service are indulge in such AI solutions for better assignments required and help them in many ways possible.

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Ten HR Trends in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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