How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free by simple tricks ? :

If you have any questions like How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free by simple tricks ?, How to speed up Android smartphone?, How to extend battery life of my smartphone?

Don’t worry about that, here given all the answers of above mentioned questions related your smartphones performance; please follow the instructions/ tips given in the article.

Due to lot of customizations Android operating system become more popular and lot of apps available on internet that makes your life easier but if you use lot of App in your smartphone then your smartphone become slow and not run smoothly so it’s necessary to maintain your apps and smartphone to use it smoothly; here arise a question How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free by simple tricks?

Here below given some awesome tips that speed up Android phone, please follow given tips to take care of your Smartphone and increase self life of your Smartphone :.

How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free

• Tip no. 1 :

Do not kill the apps are running in background (also known as recent apps) all time by swiping; your Android smartphone has ability to manage your apps that running in background.

Don’t kill background/recent Apps

If you follow this tip your smartphone not only running smoothly but also save your phone’s battery and prevent your phone from heating issue.

•Tip no. 2 :

Please do not clear app’s cache data; cache data is extremely important and very useful to open app Fast.This provide instant data to app and loads app fast so cache data necessary. If you delete catche data it’s impact on smartphone’s performance because app need to prepare all data again and it’s harmful for you device performance and battery life too. Duplicate files and unnecessary files also slow down your phone and also create storage issues.

First two tips are very important for every smartphone’s smooth performance because it affects on phone’s CPU(processor) and long lasting self life that why it is listed on the topic of ‘How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free by simple tricks?’

Now another two tips also impact on smartphone’s performance that mentioned below.

•Tip no. 3 :

Charging Smartphone
Don’t use while Charging

Do not work with your Smartphone while it is connected to charger for charging because it’s imapact on self life on phone’s battery and loads up on CPU.

If you use your smartphone while charging it will frequently heats up and you feel lag and also decrease your battery performance and your damage battery. So don’t use your phone while changing.

•Tip no. 4 :

Stop using unknown cleaner & battery saver app

Don’t use cleaner apps unknown battery saving apps; these are run in background due to this increase usage of CPU and RAM and decrease your smartphone performance and you feel lagging your phone while using it.

Tip no. 5 :

Switch OFF Smartphone

Switch OFF your smartphone one time in a week and 2-3 times in a month; this will refresh system apps and close unnecessary background apps perfectly for smoother performance.

So at the end of the article I hope you got your answer of, How to make your smartphone smooth and lag free by simple tricks ?

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