How to screen record on Mac?

No one can deny that in today’s time, we use Apple Mac to do day to day because Apple Mac offers so many great features that we are using to do our daily work even easier way.

Nowadays, Apple Mac’s screen recording feature is getting popular among people. Everyone knows about the screen recording feature. Screen recording is a feature that using which we can capture the screen of our laptop and mobile screen.

How to do Screen Recording on Mac?

In most smartphones and computers, you will get an inbuilt screen recorder. Along with this, if you are an Apple Mac user, then your Apple Mac will also have the inbuilt screen recorder. Apple Mac’s screen recorder is quite a good screen recorder to capture or record the screen of Apple Mac.

Although most Apple Mac users do not know how they can use Apple Mac’s screen recorder, today’s article is for these Apple Mac users who don’t know how they can use Apple Mac’s screen recorder. In today’s article, I will tell you how you can start screen recording your Apple Mac.

There are two ways to do screen recording on Apple Mac.

Do Screen Recording in Apple Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you want to start the screen recording in your Apple Mac, by using the keyboard shortcuts, then you will on your Mac Keyboard, you have to press Command Key, Shift Key, and 5 number key together.

After this, a small window will be opened in which an option will be given “Record Entire Screen” you have to select this option, and after that, you have to click on the “Record” option, after which screen recording will start on your Apple Mac.

Let me tell you this process in detail and in steps.

Step 1: First Thing First, you have to press Command Key, Shift Key, And 5 Number Key together. Doing this will open a new small window.

Step 2: In that Small Window, you will see an option “Record Entire Screen”. Now you have to press the fourth button after the “x” key. Doing this will let you record the entire screen of your Mac. Or you can simply click on the option “Record” to start recording the entire screen of your Apple Mac.

Do Screen Recording on Apple Mac using QuickTime.

If you have an old Apple Mac, then you will not be able to use shortcut keys to do screen recording on your Apple Mac. But this does not mean that you cannot do screen recording in your old Apple Mac. If you use QuickTime, then you can do screen recording in your old Apple Mac.

QuickTime is software that Apple has created. Using QuickTime, you can easily do screen recording in your old Apple Mac. Even after doing screen recording, you can edit screen recorded video in QuickTime. Because of QuickTime, you can also record movies and audio that are on your Apple Mac. You will find QuickTime software pre-installed on your Apple Mac, which means you do not need to download QuickTime from the Internet.

So this is what the QuickTime software is. So now, let me tell you how you can use QuickTime software to do screen recording in your old Apple Mac.

Step 1: Open the QuickTime application. After opening the QuickTime application, you will see an option “File” in the upper section. Click on that “File” option.

Step 2: After clicking in the “File” option, a small window will open in which you see another option “New Screen Recording”. Click on that “New Screen Recording” option.

Step 3: Now, another small window will get open in which you will see a red button; click on that Red button. Doing this will start screen recording on your Apple Mac.

Final Words

Screen recording is a quite good feature of sharing a captured screen or video, recording in a window or full-screen modes, and sharing video instructions while allowing others to see the material in the same way that the sharer does. Without the use of a wire, users can mirror the display screens of devices such as iPads, iPhones, PCs, and Macs to computers.

Recording your Mac’s screen can come in handy if you want to save a video of what’s playing on your screen, share what you’re looking at with others, or shoot an instructional. Fortunately, Macs include this feature, which allows you to record part or all of your screen. In today’s article, I told you how you could record the screen in your Apple Mac. I hope you will find this helpful and informative.

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