How to record a phone call on iPhone?

record a phone call on iPhone

The call recording feature is being given on smartphones for a very long time. The feature of the call recording is essential to be in every smartphone and that is why in today’s time call recording feature is available in every smartphone. There are many advantages of the call recording feature that are quite beneficial and helpful for you. In Short, the call recording feature is an important thing for every smartphone.

record a phone call on iPhone

If you have an Android phone user, it would be very easy for you to record calls on your Android phone. But what if you have an iPhone? For iPhone users, it can be difficult to record calls on iPhone. I said that it would be difficult to do call recording in the iPhone for you, it does not mean that it is impossible to do call recording on iPhone.
Apple iPhone also has a call recording feature but with some limitations. Doing call recording will be very tricky for you. But if you use the right methods you can very easily start call recording on the iPhone.

Today in this article, I will tell you about three ways by following which, you will be able to record calls very easily on your iPhone.

Use the TapeACall app to do call recording on the iPhone.

Apple App Store has an app that is only developed to do call recording. I’m talking about the TapeACall app. Using the TapeACall app you will be able to do call recording on your iPhone very easily.

TapeACall is the best call recording app for the iPhone that also gets updated every month. But let me tell you one thing which is you will have to buy a TapeACall app subscription service to use TapeACall app.

Record calls on iPhone app - TapeACall

You have to use the local access number of the TapeACall app that later you have to merge in order to do recording calls. Let me tell you this more clearly.

For recording the outgoing call, you will first need to call on the local access number of the TapeACall app, then you have to add a second person whom you want to talk to on the call. After Doing This, you have to merge calls.

For recording the incoming call, you have to hold the call of the person whose call is coming. After putting the call on hold, you have to add the local access number of TapeACall and later have to merge the calls.

After the call ends, the recorded call will get saved on your iPhone, and you can also easily access the saved call recordings on your iPhone. So this is how you can use the TapeACall app if you want to do call recording on your phone very easily.

Use Google Voice to do call recording on the iPhone.

You can also use Google Voice to do call recording on your iPhone. It is much easier to use Google Voice and along with this, you will not have to pay money to use Google Voice. Using Google Voice is absolutely free.

But let me tell you one thing Google Voice can only record the incoming calls. Google Voice will not record outgoing calls. Along with this, there is another downgrade in Google Voice Which is whenever you start call recording by using Google Voice, the person who will be the second side of the call will know that you have started calling recordings as Google Voice will verbally notify another person that you have started call recording.

Although after having these two downgrades, still, Google Voice is a great option to do call recording very easily on iPhone. You can easily use Google Voice to do call recording on your iPhone. When you will be on call with someone, you have to open the keypad of your iPhone’s phone app and then tap “4”. Doing this will start call recording on iPhone. So you can use Google Voice to easily do call recording on your iPhone.

Use a Jailbreak Tweak to do call recording on the iPhone.

You can purchase a tweak from Cydia to automatically record phone calls if your iPhone has been jailbroken. The appropriately called Call Recorder tweak by hAcx costs $2.99 and is significantly less expensive and easier to use than regular subscription-based call recording applications.
All phone calls will be recorded by Call Recorder; however, you can create a whitelist of contacts you only want to record. The simplest way to record phone calls is to use this tweak, it automatically records for whitelisted numbers, and you may start a recording for everyone else manually. You can also stop a recording for any call manually.

Final words.

The iPhone is a very advanced smartphone and there is no doubt about this. But don’t know why Apple did not make the iPhone’s Call Recording Feature as advanced as their Apple’s iPhone is. Many iPhone users also have said that they are facing difficulty to start calling recordings in the iPhone. And so for these iPhone users, in today’s article, I told you, how you can record calls on the iPhone. I hope you have liked this article and the Information I have given in this article will prove to be beneficial for you.

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