Instagram Influencers Who Make Most Money on Instagram

Instagram influencers

The social media took the world by storm, little did we know that there would be a whole lot of money that could be made from it.

Facebook and Instagram, the two powerhouses of the social media world, has opened up financial doors that few people could ever dream of. However, among the millions of users on Instagram and Facebook, there are only but a select few who reel in the big bucks.

Read a bit further below to see who the kings and queens of Instagram are and how much their influence is worth.

Let’s get down to some numbers first :

Influencer marketing has taken flight and is projected to grow even further within the next year or two. As it stands, influencer marketing is set to be worth anything between $5 – $10 billion by 2020 and depending on who you are, the size of the slice of that pie could fetch you anything from $1500 – $33 000.

With so much money to make online, you shouldn’t miss the chance. Start your own blog, YouTube channel, be a star on Facebook or Instagram, the sky is the limit.

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The folks on this list each have over a million followers and have no problem with charging for their posts. Let’s get into the top 20 influencers.

20. Huda Katan

The ladies (and men) love their make-up and Huda is one of the world’s biggest influencers in the beauty department. She doesn’t play around and has garnered a following of over 27.4 million people. If you are looking for a sponsored post, be prepared to fork out a healthy $33 000.

19. Floyd Mayweather

He is the current king of the ring and whether you love to hate him or not, Floyd doesn’t just pack a punch in the ring. His posts are also worth a knockout. With 21.2 million followers, he can throw his weight around and demand a staggering $107 000 per post. As if he doesn’t make enough money, punching someone’s light out.

18. Stephen Curry

There aren’t many professional sports stars who can match up with Stephen. He is one of the most successful NBA players of all time and his stats prove. Being six-time NBA all-star and two-time NBA most valuable player has its perks. Your posts become just as valuable. For his 22 million followers, he will sponsor a post for around $110 000.

17. Virat Kohli

Apart from Sachin Tendulkar, there is probably no other Indian cricket player who has such a big following. Kohli came from nothing and is currently the captain of the Indian cricket team. He has amassed a following of 24.1 million and will gladly sponsor a post for $120 000.

16. Conor McGregor

The bad boy of the MMA doesn’t know the end of his wealth and is probably far from finished. The Irish fighter blasted his way onto the fighting scene and has become quite infamous. Nevertheless, his 26.1 million followers love him and he doesn’t mind $125 000 for an influencing post either.

15. Luis Suarez

Soccer fans around the world know the name of Luis Suarez all too well. One of the most loved players for the Spanish club Barcelona. This striker knows how to strike an Insta deal for his posts. With 29.8 million followers, he is all too happy to post for $150 000 a pop.

14. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Another footballer, this time from Sweden, Zlatan is well known for his aerial skills and elegant goal scoring abilities.

A true pleasure to watch when he is on fire. However, he will burn holes through the pockets of his Instagram sponsors as they need to fork out $175 000 if they want him to throw his influence around.

13. Gareth Bale

Who would have thought that kicking a ball could be so lucrative? Gareth Bale, the dark horse of Real Madrid, has his fans glued to their seats when he struts his stuff on the field. With 36.6 million followers, it is easy to see why a sponsored post would cost around $185 000.

12. David Beckham

Although he might be retired, he is still one of the most loved footballers of all time. Although, today he is probably followed more for his dashing looks than anything else. Nevertheless, if you want a sponsored post out of him, you will need to cough up a healthy $300 000. The man is still scoring all the way.

11. Khloe Kardashian

Where social media is involved, there you will find the Kardashians. These ladies have set the modern gossip and celebrity world on fire with their antics. With 79.6 million followers, it is no wonder that you need to pay $480 000 for sponsored posts. But wait till you see what her sisters are asking.

10. Kendall Jenner

Another one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, she is by far not the most popular of the lot, but people still can’t help and follow her. To date, she has over 95.6 million followers and her numbers are still climbing. A sponsored post from her will set you back a mind-blowing $500 000.

9. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi took over as the World’s best player a couple of years back and has since garnered a following of over 98.4 million people. The golden boy of Barcelona is not shy to hike up his Instagram sponsor prices and is currently selling a post at $500 000.

8. Neymar

When this young soccer star is not rolling around on the pitch with an “injury,” he is rolling in the heaps of money he gets from his Instagram sponsored posts. Neymar has over 102 million followers and it costs around $600 000 for a single influential post. Not bad for a couple of minutes of work.

7. Justin Bieber

If you haven’t had a taste of Bieber fever yet, you are in for some good times. Justin is like the poster child for confused teens.

Although he is far from being a teen anymore. The ladies can’t get enough of him, but he is taken. Nevertheless, if he can’t sell records, he can sell Instagram posts for $630 a post.

6. Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is by far the most well-known wrestler. He made a perfect transition into Hollywood and is flourishing. He is in high demand and so is his influencer posts. He has a massive 116 million following and a post goes for $650 000.

5. Beyoncé Knowles

Once upon a time, Beyoncé used to kick it with Destiny’s Child and after a while, she saw that she had all the right ingredients to go solo. It paid off and is still paying off as she can ask $700 000 for a single post. Her followers have grown to over 118 million.

4. Kim Kardashian

Being one of the older Kardashians has its perks. Kim has a massive following of 118 million people and due to her popularity in the gossip and beauty circles, she can ask for $730 000 per influential post.

3. Christian Ronaldo

At one stage, he was the highest-paid footballer of all time, but now he is the highest-paid football influencer on Instagram. Walking around with 142 million followers allows him to ask for $750 000 per post.

2. Selena Gomez

This young little Disney kids star turned out to be a social belle of note. Her fans adore her and their numbers are increasing. With 143 million followers, she can blow her asking rate up to $800 000 per post.

1. Kylie Jenner

There you have it, the Kardashian / Jenner sisters have done it again. They are the undisputed champions of the social networking world.

Kylie Jenner cosmetics have catapulted her to new heights. At 21, she is the youngest self-made billionaire ever. With only 115 million followers, it doesn’t matter because her influence is worth $1 million per post.

To conclude

There is a lot of money to be made with social media, it seems that all you need to do is become famous. It is never too late to start your social media career it seems. Once you have over a million followers, you can start earning big.

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