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Are you all set to buy a brand new laptop from a leading brand such as Dell, HP, Asus or Lenovo in India? Congratulations!

But, you can’t go ahead and bring home any laptop without considering what you actually need and expect from your side. It becomes more vital as the Indian market is loaded with many laptop models from across brands.

As a result, you may get distracted by its features and prices and may buy a wrong one. Buying a laptop is a costly investment, and you should avoid buying the wrong one and regret later.

In the same context, here is an article that you can g through to discover some vital aspects that you must consider before buying the best laptop.

Best laptop buying guide – Points to consider beforehand :

[h]1. Budget[/h]


Budget is one of the first and key considerations to make buying any Lenovo laptop, Dell laptop or any other ones in India. How much you can allocate is the ultimate thing that decides the buying of the notebook. Everyone will have purchasing power, so will you.

Hence, you need to pick a model in the market as per the funds available with you. If you are a college student, then you can buy a basic laptop ranging between Rs.10,000 and Rs.25,000. On the other hand, if you are a working professional, then buying the best laptop with advanced features will be the best.

[h]2. A processor or CPU[/h]


A CPU or the processor is the main part of any notebook, and it defines the speed of the processing any action in a specific system. Anyone looking to surf web, play games, edit videos, or any intensive work, will need to have a powerful processor.

Having a speedy processor will help you carry on and complete your many tasks in a jiffy. You will find most of the laptops coming with CPU of two brands such as Intel and AMD. Both offer decent performance, but Intel is supposed to have an edge and is advanced than AMD. Also, you will find that laptops with Intel processor will be costlier than the one equipped with AMD ones.

[h]3. RAM (Random Access Memory)[/h]


RAM (Random Access Memory) is the physical memory of a laptop. Its work is to speed up the multiple application’s processing. If you want to have a smooth operation of all tasks on your best laptop, then it’s recommended to buy one with at least 4GB RAM.

For heavier processing based tasks such as video editing, graphics designing and more, you should get a laptop with more than 4GB of RAM. You should also look for DDR4 and DDR3 RAM at least as these has a higher frequency than DDR2.

[h]4. HDD or Hard Disk Drive[/h]


The task of the HDD or the Hard Disk Drive is to keep your entire data such as files, software, videos, images and more. But, how much hard disk drive you actually need the question is as it differs from a user to user.

Nowadays, lower-priced laptops come with a hard disk drive of 320GB. It is possible to replace it with one of higher capacity. You can invest in an HDD of 500GB or 1TB as per your budget and needs.

[h]5. Screen size[/h]

Laptop screen
Laptop screen

Screen size is one of the biggest factors to consider while purchasing any laptop. A majority of today’s laptop comes with a minimum screen size of 14.1 inches. It all depends on what kind of work you want to process on your computer screen.

If you love watching movies or videos, playing games, then a notebook with 17 inches could be a better choice. For basic and casual multitasking needs, it is right to opt for a screen reading 14.1 or 15.6 inches.

[h]6. Battery capacity[/h]


Laptops let you perform any task right from anywhere as they are equipped with batteries. But, what the capacity of the battery is matters for a user. You should be left with enough battery to perform any action on a laptop when you are on the move. Hence, a laptop with a poor battery life will interrupt your work. Now, most laptops come with 6-cell batteries to give you a backup of 3-5 hours.

Overall, battery life is something that depends on laptop usage and how well you maintain it. You should ensure to de-plug the charger once it’s done charging and charge it only when it’s about to drain. This way, you would be able to make the most of the battery capacity, and it may work without issues for 3-4 years.

[h]7. USB Port[/h]

USB Port
USB port

As the technology in Laptops is increasing day by day, the USB ports are also getting upgraded and now its time look for USB port 3.0 when looking to buy for a laptop. This port adds more speed and makes easy for the user to transfer files and other media from one source to Laptop.

Some of the vital considerations that you can make before buying a laptop are now discussed. You can implement the same as per your needs, and get on to buying the best of the laptops in India.

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Top 7 things to Consider when Buying a New Laptop

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