How to boost WordPress website speed


Since Google search algorithm considering website speed in their priorities for Best search result, it is necessary to maintain website’s performance and speed. In this How to boost WordPress website speed article we described some tips to boost your WordPress website speed.

How to Boost WordPress website speed

How to boost WordPress website speed

Boost WordPress Website Speed :

1. WordPress Theme :

It is very important thing for your website to choose best theme not only for best design and layouts but performance and speed is also extremely important thing to consider for Good User Experience and High Ranking on search engines.

Best theme with Good speed and performance :

1) Genesis framework :

Speed and performance is foundation of Genesis framework. Developers specially made for Good performance and SEO. So this theme is very useful for High speed WordPress website. You have to buy both Genesis framework and theme(child) for WordPress website but for good customization you need some knowledge of css.

2) Generatepress :

Generatepress is another best WordPress theme with Good speed as well as performance. It is best option if you don’t want Genesis framework and theme. It is paid theme so you have to purchase it.

3) Astra :

Astra is very lite weight multi-purpose website for your business. It comes with Good loading speed and Good customization options. It comes with both paid and free version.

4) Themify themes :

Themify theme is best theme for speed and performance as well as customization of layouts with various customization options. It’s has inbuilt its script minification options. It supports light box.

How Good User Experience and High Ranking helps you?

If your website is slowly working or take time to fully load, your visitors leave your website quickly without checking your website and open another website from search results. This is very bad thing for your website’s SEO and your Business. If your visitors quickly leaving your website without checking it; it increases your bounce rate and decreases your Average Session Duration(waiting time on your website) which is affects your website for Ranking on Google.
Good website speed provides Good User Experience and increase engagement with your website;user visit again your website, increase your conversions.

Good website loading speed helps you to get Higher Ranking on Google because Google places websites on upper position which have low loading time and high speed. Good ranking helps you to get more traffic(visitors) on your website.

2. CDN(Content delivery network) :

CDN provides you high speed data transfer and reduces your server load. CDN catches your website from your hosting server and optimizes you website and decrease your server load. CDN’s server has large network which provides high website speed in any country.

3. Cache plugin :

Cacheplugin plays important role to maintain best user experience by fast loading speed of your website and reduce server load. It improves Website’s performance through various factors.
Some of best cache plugin for wordpress listed below :

  1. W3TOTAL cache

  2. WP super cache

  3. Rocket cache

  4. WP fastest cache

  5. Cache Enabler



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