7 Best app lock apps and privacy lock apps 2019

App lock Apps and Privacy lock Apps

Now a days Smartphone is become our one most required thing in our daily life. Smartphone is also most personal thing for any person because we save our most important and personal or private things like personal messages, photos, videos, emails, bank details, wallet apps for transactions(connected with bank account), etc. in it. So it’s necessary to maintain your Privacy and Security to secure your personal things in your smartphone. Here to fulfill these requirements and to make your smartphone secure we can use the apps locker app/app lock apps.

In this article 7 Best lock apps app and Privacy lock apps 2019; We listened some most secure and useful Apps locker apps or Privacy lock apps.

App lock apps
App lock apps

App lock Apps/Privacy lock Apps :

1. App Lock and Privacy Guard :

App lock Apps and Privacy lock Apps

The app is very easy to use and comes with good user interface. This app is best android app to lock apps because it has amazing features and helps you to lock your apps.

This app comes with 3 Android app lock screen : password, pattern and fingerprint lock support(fingerprint lock supports only Android 6.0 and above versions); Photos and Videos Privacy Vault; Magic cover(cover screen with fake message); Private notification(protect notification); Fake icon; Intruder Selfie(if anyone try to unlock phone and fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts); Various themes.

Screenshots : Privacy lock appsPrivacy lock apps

Features :

☑ Store your Photos & Video in Private Vault with Password

☑ 3 Android app lock screen: Pattern, Password & Fingerprint

☑ Magic cover

☑ Private notification

☑ Fake icon

☑ Intruder Selfie

☑ Various themes

Downoad this app : Download

2. AppLock : Fingerprint & PIN, Pattern Lock :

App lock Apps

The app is also best Android app lock app because high level of security high level of protection. This app comes with beautiful user interface and cool features. There are 3 types of locking systems, knock code, pin and pattern lock and you can unlock with your Fingerprint sensor.

You can Hide notifications, Lock Recent apps, Hide app icon from App drawer, Audible alert, and create Fake Error message. No one can delete this app unless you want to (ULTRA PROTECTION MODULE). The app contains beautiful themes for good user experience. Lots of other features comes with Pro version like Spy camera, Lock timer, Relock time, etc.

Screenshots : App lock appsApp lock app

Features :

☑ 3 Android app lock screen : knock code, pin and pattern lock(also unlock with Fingerprint sensor)

☑ Lock Recent apps

☑ Hide app icon from App drawer

☑ Hide notifications

☑ Create Fake Error message

☑ Ultra Protection Module (No one can uninstall the app unless you want)

☑ Beautiful themes

☑ Audible alert

Downoad this app : Download

3. Lock app – Smart app locker :

Privacy lock Apps

This is another Android app which allows you to lock your apps. Best part of this app is the app is very lightweight, ads free and completely free with simple user interface. The app comes with Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Fingerprint Lock, Password Lock and intuitive Crash Screen Lock; Super secret mode – Hide icon of the app.

Screenshots : app to lock appsapp to lock apps

Features :

☑ Very lightweight

☑ 3 Android app lock screen: Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock and intuitive Crash Screen Lock(also unlock with Fingerprint sensor)

☑ Ads free

☑ Super secret mode (only with Pro version)

Downoad this app : Download

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4. AppLock : Fingerprint and PIN :

App lock apps

This is another one of the best app locker app. The app comes with simple beautiful user interface. With this AppLock you can lock apps using 4 Android app lock screen: Pattern, Pin, Fingerprint only, crash screen.

This app comes with Capture Intruder Picture feature if someone try to unlock app with wrong password then the front camera of your phone capture the photo of the person; and other features are you can also Lock Recent apps, Use separate combination of locking methods with different pin or pattern for a specific apps; lock timeout; Crash screen with error message; themes; Prevent Uninstall.

Screenshots : privacy lock apps downloadApp lock apps

App lock appFeatures :

☑ 4 Android app lock screen: Pattern, Pin, Fingerprint only, crash screen

☑ Use separate lock for specific app

☑ Capture Intruder Picture/Intruder Selfie

☑ Lock Recent apps

☑ Lock timeout

☑ Beautiful themes

☑ Uninstall protection

Downoad this app : Download

5. AppLock :This app helps your to lock apps, hide your photos and videos with fingerprint lock, PIN lock and password lock. The app lock app comes with beautiful themes to customize to your lock screen with beautiful theme. The best part of this app is this app also lock incoming calls.

Screenshots :

Features :
☑ Simple and easy to use
☑ UI 3 locks : password, PIN and fingerprint lock
☑ Lock incoming calls
☑ Lock apps Hide photos and videos ☑ Intruder selfie
☑ Hide pattern
☑ Beautiful themes and customization options
Download the app : Download

6. PIN Genie Locker : Screen Lock and Applock :The special thing about this app is the new and unique patented PIN pad. This unique patented PIN pad helps you to prevent your password to be seen by any body because it’s tricky unique design.
In other functionalities of this app are intruder selfie feature which capture the photo when someone enter wrong PIN, beautiful app Lock screen wallpaper and customization options, Option to disable phone for 30 seconds after 3 incorrect PIN entries, choose PIN Genie PIN pad / traditional PIN pad, & pattern PIN pad / fingerprint

Screenshots :

Features :
☑ Unique patented PIN pad
☑ Lock : PIN Genie PIN pad / traditional PIN pad, & pattern PIN pad / fingerprint
☑ Intruder selfie
☑ Wallpaper and personalized customization options

Downoad this app : Download

7. Norton App Lock app :

Apps locker App

Norton is well reputed antivirus company. Norton Android App Lock app helps you to lock your apps and prevent unauthorized access to your apps and protect your privacy. This app comes with 2 type of Android app lock screen, 4 digit Passcode and Pattern; Sneak Peek Anti-Theft/Intruder Selfie (if anyone try to unlock phone and fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts)

Screenshots :App lock appsApp locker app

Features :

☑ 2 Android app lock screen : Passcode & Pattern Lock

☑ Lock one or more app with the same 4-digit Passcode or unique Pattern Lock

☑ Sneak Peek Anti-Theft/Intruder Selfie

Downoad this app : Download

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Best App lock apps and Privacy lock apps 2019

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