What is BestGore? Top 10 Best Websites like BestGore

In today’s articles, we will talk about a Canadian Shock website that left its striking impression all over the world before getting shut down. Yes, I’m talking about the BestGore website.

Today in this article, I will tell you what the BestGore website is and why this website was closed. And along with this, I will tell you about the top 10 best websites that are exactly like BestGore. So if you were a BestGore user, then this article will be very beneficial for you because by reading the article, you will get to know about those websites that are BestGore Alternative.

What is BestGore?

BestGore website was made by Mark Marek, and this website was launched on 30th April 2008. The BestGore was a Canadian Shock website where the users of this website were able to see photos and videos of highly violent real-life events like murder, suicide, torture news.

After four years of the BestGore website launch, in the year 2012, this website gains the Media’s attention by uploading the snuff film of Jun Lin’s murder. After uploading the snuff Film of the Jun Lin murder, Mark Marek, the founder of the BestGore website, got arrested for corrupting public morals under Canada’s Obscenity Law.

After this, on 15th November 2020, this website gets closed by Mark Marek because Mark Marek had to work on those things in which they had an interest. Along with this, Mark Marek also said in an interview that the BestGore website has permanently been closed and will no longer be opened again.

So this is the history of the BestGore website. I hope you have come to know what you wanted to know about the BestGore website. Now let me tell you now about the ten best websites that are exactly like the BestGore website.

The top 10 best websites like BestGore.

So as I told you that the BestGore Website’s owner had said in an interview that the BestGore website has been closed forever and will no longer be opened again.

The user base of the BestGore website was too big, and that is why BestGore many users of BestGore Users missed BestGore after the closure of it. So that’s why I have done a lot of research and prepared a list of the top 10 best websites like the BestGore website.

The blood factory.com

If you want to use this website, then you will have to enable Flash Player in your web browser. The Factory Blood website’s creepiest and horror thing is the background music of this website which is too scary. The Blood Factory website is Just like the BestGore website, where people upload and watch horrific real-life short videos.


If you are looking for a website where you can see extreme level violent content, then you can use the Kaotic website. On this website, you will get to watch the new horrific videos every day. Kaotic website is mainly known for uploading brutal videos. I’ll suggest you use VPN while using this website.


The name of this website is ScaryForKids, but the content that is uploaded to this website is not for kids. On this website, you will find many creepy and horrific videos that will make your body’s hair stand up. Just like BestGore, this website also uploads real-life scary content.


Just like BestGore, Gorgeous is the best shock website where you will be able to see real-life uncensored content, which will be of Cadavers, accident Victims, Murders, Suicide. The userbase of this website is huge, and it is pretty popular among the people who want to see highly violet content.


Damagecorse is a French shock website where you get to see horrific content more than you can imagine. Damagecorse uploads next-level scary contain due to which there are some cases in this website, but still, this website is uploading horrific content.


Skyway bridge is a website where you will find videos of those people who commit suicide by jumping from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The work of this website is to track those incidents that are happening in Skyway Bridge.


There is a forgotten world, or you can say forgotten island off the coast of Japan. The name of this is Hashima Island, but most people call it “The Ghost Island of Japan.” By using the Hashima-island.co.uk website, you can get a street view of this horrific island. On this website, you will also get to see many horrifying videos and images related to this island.


In A Columbia Site Website, you will see documents and videos of horrific events that are occurred in Columbia Site High School. On this website, you will be able to see Such a dangerous video that will make you scary.


On the Crazyshit website, you will see videos of every different category like pornography, murders, suicide, etc. On this website, you will get to watch highly violent videos, but with this will find funny videos too. The user base of this website is quite good, and on this website, you will get daily new content.


Themnc website is the best alternative website to BestGore. Just like BestGore, this website uploads the content in different categories like pornography, murder, suicide, and many more. On this website, you will get to see real live brutal content. This website is best for those who are looking for real-life brutal content.


The BestGore was the world’s best shocking website which had made a good user base very quickly, and people also liked this website. Although the BestGore website has been closed in today’s time and that’s why in today’s article I told you what to the BestGore website and along with it, I also told you about the top 10 best websites like BestGore. If you want to know more about disgusting gore websites, search google and know about many more gore websites.

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