15 Best Textsheet Alternatives To Use In 2022

With the rise and inception of the internet, many people have found their one-stop place to get information regarding literally anything. Nowadays a person can just go to any search engine like Google or Bing and get a detailed summary as well as learn new. Taking this experience to the next level and making the learning available to people in a better way, many service providers worked in giving the answers to the homework problems faced by many students.

Among the vast number of homework solution providers, Textsheet made its own stand due to the simple user interface and free for all services regardless of their location and age. The site was one of the most visited academic answer sites on the web. Any student looked up Textsheet whenever they faced any pertinent questions in their course material.

However, the popular run of Textsheet was short-lived as it was taken down by Chegg due to copyright issues. The text sheet was taken down by Chegg as the former was using their content and providing the college-goers the needed help for their work. But, we have the perfect alternatives to use in this new year allowing you to get your purpose solved without any issue.


Quizlet is an emerging name in online homework help and offers its services for free to the students. Spanning all subjects, there are millions of solutions as well as question and answer content on the platform.

Constantly improving the content, Quizlet is an independent website allowing everyone to contribute from all around the world.


For more than 20 years, Chegg is providing the needed guidance to the students in a wide range of topics.

The dependability of the platform can be verified by the fact that Textsheet used its sources to provide the solutions. Many people generally avoid Chegg as it is a paid service.


Solved assignments are in abundance on Studylib and it is a great source to get the solutions to your daily homework. The less organized structure is troubling, but one can easily share their notes to fellow batchmates.


More than 17 million students around the world visit Sparknotes to get their textbook solutions. Available on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS, allowing the people to keep the solutions on a wide range of subjects portable.


Covering more than 3500 courses along with 40 active users on the platform, Coursera comes with answers to your assignments and homework. Students can easily use the platform for writing a research paper.

Most of the courses are free, but for certificates, you will have to pay.

Course Hero:

Working on more than 29 million course study resources, Course Hero contains the assignments and learning material from a wide community of students as well as educators around the globe.

It is a freemium service, offering limited access to their material.


Regardless of you being a college, high school, or grad school student, you can easily take the help of Paperhelp. However, the website offers its services at a cost, and topics, as well as subjects, are exclusive with covering all students.


CK-12 is free for all services allowing the students to take notes from its large number of libraries and well-designed learning courses. The user interface of the website is well designed in square boxes and images allowing easy access to everyone.

Any student can easily save the entire study materials in one place.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another popular name in the textbook solution services. About 617 million people take access to the services and have a good grip on core English, Maths and science, etc.

The main aspect of the site is that the courses are well-designed as well as well-organized allowing easy access to the students.

Read Write Think

From needing help for research papers or completing the assignment, Read Write Think is a great place to find pointers as per your topic. From assisting the students, the site is also for professionals as well. Along with solutions, the site aids the people to get a format as per writing topic.


If you are looking to get more live interaction as well as live solutions for their courses as well as Q&As, Skooli is the best choice. Depending on your question and query, the site bills you on the basis of the minutes, you have spent with the tutor.

Students and parents can pay for and use tutoring services through Skooli in a variety of ways.

Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study offers solutions similar to Textsheet covering over 50 million school textbooks allowing easy access to students. Along with the solutions, there are Q&A sections to give out a better understanding of the assignment with a payment of a fee of $7 a month.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a platform widely accessible by educators for conducting online classes as well as sharing crucial class notes. There are many puzzles as well as interactive games allowing the students to improve their English words and vocabulary.

Any person can get a 30-day trial for free in the beginning for accessing the features and getting used to it.


Coming under Chegg, Studyblue allows students to study anytime regardless of their location giving help in organizing the study material. On the website, you can create a digital flashboard to mark the important notes for reference in the future.

School Solver

It is another website allowing tutors to connect with students in a direct manner. In-School Solver, the student can ask their questions and mark up the price that they want to pay for the question.

The asked question can be marked as urgent allowing it to be answered as soon as possible.

With the above options, you can easily get a reliable and better solution provider other than Textsheet. In this world of rich and fast technology, these smart study websites allow you to learn and cut down the needs of tuition.

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