Raspberry pi alternatives to use in 2022

Raspberry Pi was a very good and powerful single board computer that used to run on Linux. Raspberry Pi was launched in the year 2012 in the United Kingdom. The most impressive thing about Raspberry Pi was that the Raspberry Pi had input/output pins for general purposes, using which people could control other electronic devices to explore the Internet of Things.

In a very short time, Raspberry Pi became popular, and it had made its own identity among the people. Due to the popularity of Raspberry Pi, other companies started making clones of Raspberry Pi, or you can say that people started making alternatives to Raspberry Pi whose form factor, size, the interface was the same as Raspberry Pi. But some things in Raspberry Pi alternatives were completely different from Raspberry Pi.

One of those things was that those Raspberry Pi alternatives run on different processors and use different Linux versions.

There are many Raspberry Pi alternatives available even in the year 2022, and you will find many Raspberry Pi alternatives available in the market. Today in this article, you will get to know about the top 10 Raspberry Pi alternatives in 2022.

Top 10 Raspberry Pi alternatives in 2022.

After doing a lot of research on the internet and keeping in mind the different needs of the people, I have made a list of 10 Raspberry Pi alternatives in 2022.

Orange Pi Prime

Orange Pi Prime is a powerful single-board computer like Raspberry Pi and runs on Linux as well as Android systems. In Orange Pi Prime, you get a Gigabit Ethernet port. With Gigabit Ethernet port, in Orange Pi Prime, you will get 2GB of RAM and a Mali-450 processor.

Due to all these special features of Orange Pi Prime, Orange Pi Prime is one of the best alternatives to Raspberry Pi, but still, Orange Pi Prime is not capable of transferring data from one computer to another.

Asus Tinker Board

Asus made such a small board computer that has almost all the same features as the Raspberry Pi. Rockchip RK3288 is installed in this small board computer of Asus, and the name of this small board computer of Asus is Asus Tinker Board.

In Asus Tinker Board, you not only get the ARM-based RK3288 chip installed, but along with it, you also get four cores which enhance the multitasking performance.

Just like the Raspberry Pi, the Asus Tinker Board gives an advanced performance at a low price.


The Odroid-XU4 has the Samsung Exynos5422 SoC processor, which has four Cortex-15 cores of 2.0GHz and four Cortex-A7 cores of 1.3GHz. Talking about the graphics processor of this small board computer, then in Odroid-XU4, you get a Mali-T628 graphic processor.

Odroid-XU4 comes with LPDDR3 2GB RAM. In the Odroid-XU4 small board computer, you will also get 1080p supporting HDMI 1.4 output, a 2.0 USB port, two 3.0 USB ports. With all these ports, you will also get a Gigabit Ethernet port and a 30-pin GPIO header in the Odroid-XU4.

Banana Pi M64

Banana Pi M64 is an advanced version of the normal Banana Pi and clearly the best alternative to Raspberry Pi. You can use Banana Pi M64 in many different operating systems such as Android, Debian, and Ubuntu.

In Banana Pi M64, you will get an octa-core processor of 1.2GHz with a Mali-400 graphic processor, 8GB flash memory and 2GB of RAM.

One of the best features of Banana Pi M64 is that it has WiFi, Bluetooth support, and microSD card support. Banana Pi M64 has only two USB ports.

Aeon UP Board

Aeon UP Board is a small board computer, but the features of this small board computer are so good that you cannot call it a small board computer. Aeon UP Board is designed to do professional and industrial work. Aeon UP Board has a 64bit Intel Atom x5-z8350 quad-core 1.44GHz processor. Aeon UP Board comes in three versions –

  1. 1GB RAM and 16GB flash memory.
  2. 2GB RAM and 32GB flash memory.
  3. 4GB RAM and 64GB flash memory.

Aeon UP Board also has some advanced features than Raspberry Pi.

Banana Pi M5

You can use Banana Pi M5 if you are looking for the best Raspberry Pi alternative with good features at a low price. Banana Pi M5 beats Raspberry Pi in the flash storage capacity feature. Banana Pi M5 has eMMC 16GB flash storage which is rarely seen in small board computers of low price.

With eMMC 16GB flash storage, Banana Pi M5 also has a microSD card slot. With a MicroSD slot, you can boot Banana Pi M5 directly from the microSD card.


RockPi is a good small board computer which gives very good performance and compatibility. RockPi is a small board computer but still has a powerful processor to do high-end work. In RockPi, you will get an ARM-based Hexa-core processor with RK3399 dual Cortex-A72. RockPi is different from other small board computers because being a small board computer, and it comes with a powerful processor.

Arduino Mega 2560

The Arduino Mega 2560 is quite similar to the Raspberry Pi. You will get to see all the features in Arduino Mega 2560, which is in Raspberry Pi. Although Arduino Mega 2560 is slightly larger in size than Raspberry Pi. Arduino Mega 2560 comes with a 16MHz 8-bit board.

There is one downgrade in Arduino Mega 2560, which is Arduino Mega 2560 only has one USB type B port. If you have a tight budget, then you can purchase this Arduino Mega 2560 as a Raspberry Pi alternative.


If you are looking for a Raspberry Pi alternative using which you can do light micro computing work, then the NanoPC-T1 small board computer will be the best for you.

NanoPC-T1 has a 1.5GHz Samsung quad-core processor, which works quite well. If we talk about how much RAM is available in NanoPC-T1 so let me tell you that you guys will get 1GB RAM in NanoPC-T1.

Le Potato Libra Computer

Le Potato Libra Computer comes with a modern design and advanced processor. In this Le Potato Libra Computer, you will get the Amlogic Video Engine which is Capable to handle H. 265, H.264, and VP9 streams. In this small board computer, you will also get HDR metadata for handling 4K signage on Android version 9.0. You will get to see a 64bit quad-core processor in Le Potato Libra Computer.


There is no doubt that Raspberry Pi is the best small board computer, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will choose a Raspberry Pi small board computer to do micro computing work.

 With the multiple Raspberry Pi alternatives listed in this article, the original Raspberry Pi faces strong competition. Every year, a number of companies develop and release single-board computers that have a number of benefits over the Raspberry Pi.

In the market, you’ll find many alternatives to Raspberry Pi to do micro computing work. To make your work easier, I told you about the top 10 Raspberry Pi alternatives by which you can easily buy the best Raspberry alternative according to your needs. So I hope you find this top 10 Raspberry alternative in the 2022 list helpful and informative.

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