10 Best liveleak alternative to use in 2022

Liveleak is a popular video-sharing platform that launched on 31st October 2006. Liveleak was a platform where without fear, people could upload actual footage of politics, war, and whatever other incidents happening in the world. And because of this, Liveleak became very popular among the people shortly after its launch.

Liveleak was gaining immense growth every day, and its user base was increasing. Liveleak had also made its mark worldwide by becoming the most used video-sharing platform. But on 7th May 2021, the Liveleak video sharing platform was shut down due to controversies.

After the closure of Liveleak, people miss Liveleak a lot. Liveleak users want Liveleak to be back open, but it is impossible.

Now what? After doing a lot of research, I have found some such video sharing platforms which are exactly like Liveleak, or you can say they are alternatives to Liveleak. Below, I will tell you about the ten best Liveleak alternatives that you can use in 2022.


Everyone knows about YouTube. YouTube is the world’s best video sharing platform where people from all over the world can upload videos for free. In the year 2005, YouTube was created by three employees of PayPal, but after one year, i.e., in 2006, Google bought YouTube. In today’s time, the user base of YouTube is huge, and that is why if you want, you can use YouTube as a Liveleak alternative.


Facebook is the most well-known social media platform where people can upload photos and videos of different categories for free. The whole world knows about the founder of Facebook, which is Mark Zuckerberg.

In today’s time, the user base of Facebook is in billions, and because of this thing, if you want, you can use Facebook as a Liveleak alternative.


IGTV is a video-sharing platform of Instagram, and Instagram has made it. Instagram users can upload any video they want on IGTV by following the rules and regulations of Instagram.

Like YouTube and Facebook, IGTV has an enormous user base where people like to upload and watch videos of different categories. So if you want, you can use IGTV as a Liveleak alternative.


TikTok is a video-sharing platform where users can create and upload different videos in Tiktok. Let me tell you one thing that you can make a maximum 60 seconds video in Tiktok.

TikTok was launched in the year 2017, and worldwide, TikTok became popular very quickly. In today’s time, the TikTok user base is massive, where you will get to see many excellent videos, as well as can upload your own videos. So if you want, you can use TikTok as a Liveleak alternative.


9Gag is a social media website where users of 9Gag can upload their content, like photos and videos. You can use 9Gag as a social media website, but along with it, you can also download the 9Gag application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store to use 9Gag on your mobile phones. 9Gag is a trusted website that has quite a significant user base. If you want, you can use 9Gag as a Liveleak alternative.


If you are looking for the best Liveleak alternative, then you can use Vimeo, which is well known and one of the best video-sharing websites.

You will get many features on the Vimeo video-sharing website, but if you want to take advantage of using even more amazing features, then you have to buy Vimeo’s paid subscription plan. By using Vimeo, you upload high-quality videos for free.


Metacafé is also a well-known video-sharing website that was launched in July 2003. Metacafé became popular among people very soon after its launch, and for some time, Metacafé became known as the largest video-sharing website.

Even today, many people choose Metacafé to watch others’ videos and upload their own videos. If you want, you can use Metacafé as a Liveleak alternative.


If you want to upload videos as well as get up-to-date news of events happening around the world, you can use Dailymotion. In DailyMotion, you will get unlimited video related to events that are happening in the world. Clearly, DailyMotion will be the best alternative to Liveleak.


Veoh is a video-sharing website just like Liveleak, where you can share your videos and watch videos from other youths. Even the interface of Veoh is similar to Liveleak. When you people use Veoh, there will be no problem in any way.

To use Veoh, you have to search and click on the video you want to watch. Unlike YouTube, there are no playlists or anything like that on this platform. Every video has a defined category, title, length, and even language identification. Veoh is significantly more well-organized than any other video site you’ve seen so far.


The last Liveleak alternative is AOL which is a well-known video hosting platform. In AOL, you will get to see some new saree videos every day. In AOL, you will find many categories in this, by selecting which you can watch the videos of your choice according to your wish. One of the best features of AOL is that you don’t have to make an AOL account.


It has to be accepted that Liveleak is one of the best video-sharing platforms where people can upload any kind of video according to their wish without thinking anything.

But now, the Liveleak website has been shut down, and that is why today I told you guys about the ten best Liveleak alternatives that you can use in 2022.

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