is bluestacks safe to Use In 2022 and What are alternatives?

BlueStacks is a free emulator using which you can run Android applications on your Windows or Mac computer. BlueStacks is a very popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac. BlueStacks interface is not the same as Android, but you can easily use BlueStacks and install Android applications from the Play Store.

So all these things that I tell you about BlueStacks, you people already know it, but do you know whether the BlueStacks application is safe for your Windows and Mac. Today in this article, we will discuss whether the BlueStacks application is safe for your Windows and Mac. Along with this, I will tell you about BlueStacks alternatives too.

Is BlueStacks a safe application for Windows and Mac?

Is it Safe to Use BlueStacks Application? It is a question that comes to the mind of every BlueStacks User. Let me answer.

BlueStacks creates a Virtual Android device inside your Windows and Mac so that you use android applications on your Windows and Mac.

BlueStacks creates a virtual android device on our Windows and Mac. Later, that virtual android device connects to our computer’s data and internet.

So while browsing in BlueStacks, your computer’s data may get leaked or transferred to any other computer. To avoid this, you can use VPN so that your computer’s data will be secure.

Does BlueStacks contain any virus or malware? No, BlueStacks does not contain any virus or malware. But still, I will suggest that you install a good antivirus program on your Windows and Mac.

So yes, overall, BlueStacks is a safe application for your Windows and Mac.

Top 10 BlueStacks alternatives

BlueStacks is the best Android emulator, but it does not mean that different applications like BlueStacks are not available. If you search on the internet, you will find many applications like BlueStacks. So after doing a lot of research on the internet, I have prepared a list in which I will tell you about the top 10 BlueStacks alternatives.


You will find many of the Best Android Emulator applications on the Internet; LDPlayer is one of them. Using LDPlayer, you can play Android games with excellent high performance and gaming experience on your PC.

If we talk about the interface of LDPlayer, then the interface of LDPlayer is user-friendly. LDPlayer has so many excellent features that are quite beneficial for LDPlayer users.  

LDPlayer offers features like Multi-Instance, Keymapping, APK Support, Etc. LDPlayer will be the best replacement for BlueStacks.


If you are a gamer and want to run Android games smoothly on your PC, the Gameloop Android emulator is developed for you. Gameloop is specially developed for smoothly running High-End android games Like PUBG: Mobile, COD: Mobile, ETC.

If you use BlueStacks to play Android Games like PUBG and COD, I suggest using the Gameloop Android emulator instead of BlueStacks. Gameloop is an easy-to-use Android emulator, and you can download and use Gameloop for free.

NOX Player.

If an android emulator gives outstanding performance, then that android emulator is the best; you can say the same thing for NOX Player. You can call NOX Player the best android emulator because NOX Player continuously gives a graceful, fast, and smooth performance.

Most android emulators do not allow their users to root access, but NOX Player gives root access to its users, and this feature is one of the best features of NOX Player. Just NOX Player has one deficiency that NOX Player runs on android version 4.4.2.


So in the first thing I want to tell you is that the Genymotion android emulator comes in three versions, one version is absolutely free, and the rest two versions are paid versions.

If we talk about Genymotion’s user base, Genymotion has a huge user base, and Genymotion is the best competitor of BlueStacks. Along with this, some features of Genymotion are more good than BlueStacks. If you use the paid version of Genymotion, you will get a feature to use an external remote controller to play the game on Genymotion.


Andy not only offers android features but also offer some additional features to use Andy’s android emulator on window more nicely. One of Andy’s additional features is making shortcuts of android applications on a desktop.

If we talk about Andy’s gaming performance, then most of the games take a lot of loading time on Andy, but after loading is done, games will run quite smoothly on Andy. Andy can run most of the games smoothly on regular computers too.

Arc Welder.

Arc Welder is a little different from the rest of the android emulator programs because Arc Welder is a google chrome extension. Using this google chrome extension, you can run android games on google chrome. That’s what makes Arc Welder very different from the rest of the android emulators.

If we talk to who has developed the Arc Welder, let me tell you that google made the Arc Welder. Arc Welder guarantees that when a user runs an android application on the Arc Welder, the application will run quite smoothly, and you will not face any problem. One of the downgraded of Arc Welder is that Arc Welder runs on android version 4.4.


PrimeOS is a powerful android emulator that is much better and different from BlueStacks. In simple words, PrimeOS is not an android emulator because PrimeOS works as a partition in the computer. PrimeOS works as a partition means, when you will boot your computer then will get an option to run your computer as a native android.

This thing of PrimeOS is quite impressive. After having an outstanding feature, PrimeOS is free for everyone.


PhoenixOS is a new android emulator that has gained good popularity and user base in a short time. PhoenixOS is designed to give just the best android gaming performance on computers.

PhoenixOS supports google play services, and because of this, installed applications on PhoenixOS will get automatically updated.

And as I said before, PhoenixOS is a newly launched android emulator, and due to this, PhoenixOS runs on android version 7.1.


RemixosOS has the design and looks of modern time, and its interface is also very amazing. RemixosOS is very easy to use, and if you want to make the interface of RemixosOS better, you can use the external keyboard and mouse.

If we talk to are installed games in the android emulator of RemixosOS of gaming performance very quickly and gaming the time you do not see any problem in any manner.

Android Studio.

Google develops the Android Studio. In Android Studio, you will get lots of amazing tools by using which you can increase the performance of android applications.

As I said, Android Studio was developed by google; due to this, Android Studio is linked with google play services.

In Android Studio, you can also download custom launchers and keyboards from the play store.


So through this article, I told you about the best BlueStacks alternatives. Some of these BlueStacks alternatives are even better than BlueStacks.

Before talking about the BlueStacks alternatives, I have also told you whether the BlueStacks is safe to use the application or not. I hope you will find my article helpful and informative.

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