Top 10 Websites to Play Cool Math Games

Mathematics is an important part of every person’s life and education system. But not many students find math to be very interesting for them and not find it keen to learn it. The main problem is with the young children as teachers need to ignite the interest and help to spark important mathematical ideas to develop in them.

For raising the interest in the young students, math games provide a shape as well as serve to make them get towards a problem-solving mindset. With the game, one can easily build their confidence as well as build them as problem solvers and practice their social-emotional skills. Building more than just foundational mathematics, it gives them the insight to develop the mindset to try out different alternatives and means to solve the problem.

10 website that you can for go to play math games


The website offers interactive and engaging adventure-building math skills from 1st to 8th grade, where the students can answer math questions to complete epic quests. With the completion of every quest and earning in-game rewards, the educators and parents can visualize the progress of the student as motivating the learning of math among them. It gives the students, as well as educators monthly, report cards and curriculum progress report which is delivered directly to your inbox.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time has a set of games for math +and addition to being organized by grade, games are often organized by skill, such as fractions, probability, multiplication, and so on. In addition to being organized by grade, games are often organized by skill, such as fractions, probability, multiplication, and so on. The layout of the website as well as the game is engaging allowing the students to overcome the boring way of learning.


The game allows the learners to know about the working and uses of number 2. 2048 is an easy and fun puzzle game where you must move the tiles with the same number for merging them into one as soon as they touch. The goal is to make one tile with the number 2048 and the tiles are moveable with the help of arrow keys and focus on making the highest number tile. In the game, it is important to keep your larger umbers neat as well as in an organized manner.

Moto X3M

Moto X3M is a great game that is fun-skill based where the student is a character who is driving the motorcycle over the hills and in the drive, performing some insane stunts in the same manner. Sometimes, the controls of the game can get on the hard side, but with the hang of the game, it can become insanely engaging. The super-fast-paced game makes it exciting allowing the students to learn along with fun.


The mechanism of the Doublings is like 2048, but with a twist. You must put two numbers next to each other to combine them. Goal of the game is to keep doubling your numbers in order to get a new score and if you drop the number to a different number, it will kick the number next to it. The numbers can be swapped in the bonus row just by clicking on it.

Block the Pig

Block the Pig is a puzzle game where you need to trap a pig by placing the blocks around the animal. With every passing round, the games gets more and more difficult as well as indulging for every player. If you let the pig-out, the game will reset and you will have to start over, so be cautious! How many rounds do you think you’ll be able to complete. Click on the empty cell of the hexagon board to place a block around the pig to block and entrap the pig.

Toy theatre

Toy Theatre comes with various subjects and allows the students to learn a lot also it comes with a math category. The game is very attractive but the simple graphics and works on the basic math skills focus on the youngest of learners. The main highlight of the game is it easily teaches the learners less than and greater than as well as matching counting and patterns.


More an educational site, there is no advertisements on the website. The emphasis is more on learning rather than on fun or style. There are advanced topics ranging for high schoolers allowing the students of elder age can easily use the website to learn mathematics. The games is divided into four broad groups as per class. Before playing a game, the game comes with a screenshot, a title, and a short description regarding the math skills in the game.

Number Nut

Number nut offers an introduction and a variety of topics to the learners regardless of their age allowing almost everyone can easily access it. The game clearly states that math is a part of everything in the universe. Covering numbers, counting, arithmetic, fractions, decimals and prealgebra, you can start by choosing one of the math topics that allow you to enjoy math while playing it.

Get the Math

Get the Math is a great website about algebra in real life. Examine how math is used in music, fashion, video games, restaurants, basketball, and special effects by pros. After that, participate in interactive tasks connected to those professions. Combining the video and web interactivity to help the students from middle school and high school to develop algebraic thinking potential to get the necessary real-world problems. Players are encouraged to try out the challenges through the help of interactive tools on the website.

Online math games add an interactive manner in learning a new concept as well as they are free and is designed to help your kids to practice mathematics in a way that it is not boring.

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