Top 10 best YouTube to mp3 converters

YouTube is the world’s biggest digital platform for posting and watching videos of songs, movies, education, etc. But many of us just use YouTube for listening to our favourite songs, tunes, and other related audio files.

So, spending all the data again and again on watching the video of a song when only hearing it is required, can cause quite a data wastage. But there are ways that you can separate the audio file of a YouTube video and download it anytime that you want to use it without using any internet.

That is possible with the help of the a mp3 converter. An mp3 converter converts the content of your desired YouTube video to just its basic mp3 audio file, which you can download and use in future as well.

Top 10 YouTube to MP3 converters


VideoProc is one of the best YouTube video converters. Along with the ability to convert videos into mp3, VideoProc also allows you to quickly download as well as convert YouTube videos into many different video formats, such as m4a, mp4, MKV, etc.

What makes VideoProc different from its counterparts is its ability to convert YouTube videos into your desired format in the shortest time possible. Other than YouTube videos, it can also convert the videos from Facebook, Twitch, and other such platforms as well.

4K Download

4K Download is a great website for you if you are a music lover as it can convert videos from many different platforms, such as Soundcloud, Vimeo, VEVO, along with a lot of other such websites as well.

All you have to do for converting a video’s content to an mp3 file is drag and drop it in the website window. Other than that, no additional registration is required and it is also quite a quick and easy process as well.

Hence, it passes the boxes for both fast file provision and reliability as well. It works similarly good and sleek in both the Mac and Windows Software.

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is one of the software that allows you to convert any sort of media, from any content sharing website, such as Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. This software works perfectly fine with both the Mac and Windows software.

Make sure to download its new version as it is way more stable than any of its previous running versions. Its ability to store your files in an organized way is also quite good. Another good feature that it provides is the ability to pause and resume downloading and converting files anytime that you want.


Converto is the best option if you want to convert your file without having to download, check, and install any third-party software on your system and convert it online only. Hence, making the work easier as all you have to do now is drag and drop your file. 

For converting the YouTube video, you need to copy its shareable link and then paste it into the window and click enter. The website works quite well and is free from any sort of spam and such virus-filled software.

But one of its biggest downsides is that there are an immense number of mind-paining advertisements on it. But it does provide the option to adjust the quality and format according to your needs, so it balances each other out.

Wondershare UniConverter

Another great option for converting your desired video into mp3 is Wondershare UniConverter.  It consists of many user-friendly features along with a decent design. Therefore, the work experience on this is quite good and will not make you frustrated.

This is a great product if you want to get a product that can act as the all-rounder solution for all of your YouTube video conversions. But its services are not just limited to converting the files of YouTube.

It is one of the fastest, easiest, and reliable software pieces that can help you in converting your YouTube videos into mp3 files. You also have the option to convert your video to any other 1000 format that you want to.


320YouTube is can easily come at the top of the overall video converters that are out there online. It consists of all the features that a YouTube video converter needs. It provides all the necessities, such as quick speed, a reliable interface, and a little bit of antiquation as well.

As per the name refers, this software downloads any of your videos at the speed of 320 kbps.


Ontiva is a great option if you want an easy-to-use video converter that can provide a lot of user-friendly options at the same time. When using it, you also get to choose many different output options as well. Along with that, this software is also completely free to use.

It also provides your requirements at a commendably faster rate. It is also a more secure option than other software as your name remains anonymous and you do not have to download any extra software.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher provides a great service when it comes to converting YouTube files into mp3 ones. But also does a decently good enough job as a screen recorder as well. aTube Catcher works on many devices, including GPS devices, iPods, DVDs, and many others.


Y2Mate is also a hassle-free video converter that you can use. All that you have to do for using this is to copy the link of your desired YouTube video and then paste it in its blank box.

Free YouTube Download

As the name suggests, this is software whose application is free and quite user-friendly to use. Its design is sleek and its working is well mannered to download and convert all your desired YouTube videos.


Many of us love to hear the voices of our favorite artists while we are studying, reading, playing, exercising, or just laying low. So, all of these converters mentioned in this article can be the best options for you. But make sure to check whether or not downloading a video is permitted by the artist or the uploader.

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