20 Best backpage alternatives websites in 2022

The Backpage website closed three years ago, but today, many people feel the need for the back page, and this is because the back page was the best website where you can post and read different types of classified ads.

With the help of Backpage, people get updates on the latest electronics, the updates of the job vacancy, and people also get information about Real Estate.

So because of all these features of the Backpage, people still want to use the Backpage and wish that the Backpage website get reopened.

Although it cannot happen because the Backpage will never get open, there is a huge reason behind it. Today I will tell you about the 20 websites that are alternative websites of Backpage but before this, let me tell you the history of Backpage.

History of Backpage

Michael Lacey launched the Backpage website in the year 2004. It was an advertising website where people could post about many different classified Ads and read about many other classified ads. The website is used to show classified ads of many different types.

Because of the excellent services of The back page website in 2011 back page website gets the title of the second largest classified ad service provider. Later in 2011, the Backpage company got blamed for doing sex trafficking on their Backpage website.

After many years of controversies, Court Cases, and the arrest of Back Page Company’s owner, the Backpage website gets seized on April 6, 2018. And now there is no chance that the Backpage website will get reopened.

List of the 20 Best Backpage alternatives websites in 2022

After doing quite a research and checking different websites, I have prepared a list of the 20 best Backpage alternatives websites of 2022. The list of the 20 best Backpage alternatives websites in 2022 is Given Below.


Everyone knows about Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform used by billion people. Facebook is also a Best Backpage Alternative Website and a social media platform. Facebook is a Best Backpage Alternative Website because due to its large user base, Facebook lets its users run the different types of classified ads on Facebook.


The back page has a feature by which you could check the profile of Random people and could later start dating. This feature is not available now as Backpage is closed, but this is not a big problem because you can use Tinder to do dating. You can check several different profiles on Tinder and later start dating.


Using this website, you can run classified ads and check the listed classified ads of others. This website will never have any problem selling the product in this website. Just Like Backpage, You Can Easily Run Different Type OF Classifieds Ads.


OLX is almost just like Backpage, but here you will see the classified Ads about used or second-hand products. The user base of OLX is quite large, and it has made very good growth in the last several years.


Everyone knows that eBay E-Commerce is a website, but eBay has an advertising section that allows its users to post classified ads. Due to this, eBay has become the Best Backpage Alternative Website. But if you run a classified ad on eBay, you will have to give eBay Small Amount fees.


FreeAdstime allows your users to post classified ads for free. In FreeAdstime, you get to see many different types of classified ads. It is also very easy to post classified ads on this website. Although FreeAdstime is not so popular still, its user base is fine. So yes, you can use FreeAdstime as a Backpage alternative.


Advertiseera is also a website where you can post classified Ads and see the classified ads of someone. Most English-speaking countries use this website. Advertiseera’s user base is also quite big, and you will find many different categories and subcategories of classified ads. Advertiseera promises to give a perfect user experience to its users, and it demands nothing in return (cost-free).


Wallclassifieds is also a perfect Backpage alternative, and even in some cases, WallClassifieds is better than Backpage, and you will get to know about this thing when you use this website.


The H1AD website has an outstanding feature that when you use this website, then after some time, the website will ask you to give feedback about how H1AD can improve their website. Website Kallu is quite modern, and all the features are similar to Backpage. H1AD is such a simple to use website; no one will face any problem while browsing this website.


So this website name is FinderMaster because you can find any classified ad in it. The biggest feature of this website is that if you want to find a classified ad related to any other region, you have to search the name of the Region on this website; then, this website will show classified ads related to Region.


The match is a Best Dating Service Providing website in which your users find the profile of other people and late start dating. However, the Match website is where you have to give money to start dating any other person. So if you are looking for an alternative like Backpage to do dating, you can use the match website.


24. Apartment.com is a very old website. The Apartment.com website was launched in the year 1992. The major work of this website is to provide Real Estate Service. After reading the reviews of Apartment.com on the Internet, I will say that the Real Estate service of this website is equal to the Real Estate Services of Backpage.

Property managers of this website are quite  Knowledgeable and expert and give good Suggestions related to Real Estate.


The Gumtree website is very similar to Backpage Website. On this website, you will see all the services which services Backpage offers. The Mean section of this website is the Community section, where you get to see the more different services.


The Locanto website is a simple website showing the different types of classified ads. Lecanto also offers an Ad Promoting feature that will help you promote your classified ads, but you will have to pay the money to promote your classified ads. Most people use the dating service of this website.


Geebo also has a normal C website that provides services like Backpage to your users. Although Geebo’s interface is much better than Backpage. Mostly you will get to see classified Ads on this website.


The BedPage is also a Perfect Backpage Alternative because the website offers all the services to its user offered in Backpage. This website makes it a little better than the Backpage because, in Bedpage, you will see much more different services from Backpage.


Doublelist website provides you free dating service and gives a gray of 60% that you will find a person to find hooking in Real Life. This website’s user page is also quite good, and this website is quite popular among youngsters.


The name of the GiganticList website is only known that this website gives your users to post Gigantic classified ads. Many people on this website post Gigantic classified ads. You will continue to browse for hours on this website, but will the website show Gigantic classified ads, and from this, you can get an idea of the big user base of this website.


There appears to be no shortage of Backpage alternatives; however, finding ones that are local, free, and simple to use is not that straightforward. The word “easy” was RectangleAd’s philosophy, and it’s obvious to see on their domain name.

Every online ad you see on any website or app is physically within a rectangle, which is how it got its name. It creates an easy-to-navigate atmosphere for all parties, and I’m sure most of us don’t mind the word simple.


You may always search Craigslist for your local area and locate almost everything you require. Craigslist has everything you can think of: job advertising, sales, personal advertisements, and more. You presumably already know all of this because it’s one of the biggest networks out there, but if you’re wondering if it’s still around, the answer is a big yes.


Backpage was a fairly good website, the website’s services were also very good. Still, the website has been closed, but this does not mean that any other website cannot provide services like Backpage, and to prove this, I have told you about the 20 Best Backpage Alternative Websites of 2022 in this article.

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