7 Major SEO Trends For More Visibility and Reach


It’s always that kind of thing with SEO Trends, right? Far too often, at best, what will become more relevant in the future – but sometimes things actually happen and then they are no longer a surprise. In SEO (abbreviation of the English term “Search Engine Optimization”) that happens again and again.

Reason: search engine optimization has always been somewhat mystical and many believe that it is as difficult as rocket science. Of course not, because if you know what you have to do, everything will be much easier (as in all aspects of life) … which brings us back to SEO trends.It definitely makes sense to go through digital life with your eyes open, because only then you will realize what is really worthwhile – and will be worthwhile in the future. Exactly for this reason I have summarized in the following article 7 meaningful SEO trends for you and explained in detail …

7 Key SEO Trends for More Visibility and Reach

1. Focus on the context

Already, it is increasingly important to answer user questions better and to better understand the users and their intentions, and sometimes their emotions. If your website is a trusted source of information, your (potential) customers can better understand your product or service.

Google can also rate your content much better in terms of quality and rank it much higher in the search results. As a publisher, you should focus on creating content based on an understanding of consumers and their needs for your products.

It’s no longer about placing as many keywords as possible (so I do not have to write SEO Trends 100 times in this text), it’s about understanding what your users want from you and what they hope to find with you.

2. Focus on content and user experience

Marketing experts must convey the right message and build a suitable and, above all, credible brand image via their own website. At the same time, good rankings have to be found in Google Search and then these rankings have to be defended.

That’s why today not only the content is so important, but also the user experience . Build your website and your content so that your audience feels comfortable with you, finds lots of information and keeps coming back for exactly these reasons.

In the user experience, no mistakes should be made

User Experience is ultimately only one of many SEO trends, but it is one of the most important. So pay attention to it and, for example, not only deliver text deserts. Additional images and videos that support the written content are very popular with users.

3. Respond to changed link construction

Link building is also such a long-running topic and that’s why it keeps appearing in all SEO trends – that’s okay and even important. No other topic polarized as much as link building when it comes to SEO. And of course, high-quality links are still very important.

Concentrate on such links, which firstly fit the theme of your own website and secondly ideally also in the same industry. This is a non-negligible aspect and you simply have many more benefits if you do not get distracted from “any” links when building links .

Google sees this as very relevant, or rather, if you can not provide the thematic relevance, then Google will not reward you with better rankings, it’s as simple as that. So, get yourself a concrete link building strategy that targets your goals and who pays your website. Everything else costs you only time, money and nerves.

4. Focus on the search results

Google wants users of their search engine to find the most personal result for them personally. In plain language: People should use Google to find exactly what they are looking for – and fast. Query, briefly look and then click on a result, which comes closest to the search.

This is exactly the secret of Google’s success and that is why Google has been so heavily used since the late 1990s. You have to keep this in mind, because even your website has to face the competition. So it’s not just about optimizing the content on your site, you also have to make sure that your site’s preview looks as good as possible in Google’s search results – otherwise there will be no or just the wrong clicks (and Google will notice that). ,

Featured snippets, knowledge panels, and local packs are elements of Google Search that you need to focus on to get the users’ attention . So, think about what you can tweak and tweak on your site so that the people who use Google are more aware of your content faster and more intensively (and ultimately, one of the SEO trends that will never lose importance). By the way, and especially if you rely on SEO tools, tools can always be helpful, but you will never lose the creative and strategic work you need to succeed with SEO.

5. Work with structured data

What are structured data? In fact, structured data is still one of the true SEO trends, as it is still under-used. They’re a way to format the HTML code of your website so that Google can better interpret and ultimately render the content better (which usually pays off in better rankings).

Structural data will help you to improve your starting position, for example with regard to the Knowledge Graph and Rich Snippets. At the latest when optimizing rich snippets, you should be aware that your website gets more traffic because rich snippets get more clicks.

Example of structured data in the HTML code of a website

Example of structured data in the HTML code of a website

So with structured data, you have a way to better stage those directly in Google’s search results – especially in terms of the competition, which may not make it and thus has disadvantages. In particular, take a close look at schema.org , because there you will find a lot of uses for structured data and you can use this principle right away on your website.

6. Note the mobile Google index

In the past, I often wrote about the fact that the mobile Internet could not really prevail. In fact, it took a very long time for the mobile Internet to be truly ubiquitous. Today, this is normal and just about everyone has a smartphone and consumes content anywhere. And so 2017 was also an important year to take the changed consumer behavior more into account – that’s exactly what Google has done .

In 2018, the irrevocable preference for the mobile index began. That sounds dramatic, but ultimately it’s just about Google favoring websites optimized for a mobile user experience. Most of the traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it would be illogical not to consider that. Your website has to be fit for this mobile user experience, otherwise you will have disadvantages in the ranking.

Also developments like AMP you have to have on the screen, because even your users will expect in the future faster and faster mobile websites. This can only work if you stay on the ball and then make such improved mobile websites available – remember: the competition is always just a click away!

7. Benefit from the voice search

The battle for supremacy in voice search will most likely be between Google and Amazon. Google is currently still at a disadvantage, simply because a lot more echo devices are being sold with Alexa. Amazon does a great deal to bring its smart speaker into as many living rooms as possible – but Amazon has a decisive competitive disadvantage.

Google is sitting on billions of searches every day, so it knows exactly what people have been looking for for 20 years. Amazon knows very well what people want to buy, but the base of knowledge on search queries is much higher on Google. However, Google is having a hard time spreading its smart speaker.

Voice Search is an interesting step towards technological innovation and improved user experience.

Voice Search most likely has a golden future ahead of it

SEO will change in any case through the language search and that’s why you can assume that you will find the voice search in the coming years again and again in the SEO trends. In the end, the development will be similar to that of smartphones – after a while, smart speakers will be hard to imagine. This is exactly what you should be prepared for and already ensure that your website also achieves good results when searching for a language.


SEO trends come and go, but there are always factors that outweigh others. The search for a voice is such a factor and anyone who thinks that this technique will not prevail is wrong. Ultimately, everything goes by, which either gives pleasure, is useful or facilitates one’s own life. The greatest invention will not prevail as it does not improve people’s lives.

For example, language search makes everyday life easier, because talking is simply less exhausting than typing, and it also corresponds to the natural behavior of humanity. Even our ancestors talked with words long before anything was written down. But voice search is also a good example of innovations that sooner or later will bring tangible changes.

SEO, like many other online marketing disciplines, is constantly changing and never static. That’s why the biggest SEO trend is constantly reviewing and optimizing your own strategy, because if you do not do that, you’re quickly away from the window.

I hope you like this article,

7 Major SEO Trends For More Visibility and Reach

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